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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday Temptations

I promised temptations....in reality it will be a combo post of the LYS exploration and temptation.

So, last Thursday I had a few spare minutes and was in the Sugar Land area when I remembered that a new yarn store had opened off US59 at the Williams Trace exit.  Having lived in Sugar Land for fourteen years I knew that exit very well and I even knew the building that it should be in within the strip center area.  It is a huge retail area with a Home Depot and several other large chains and then there are sprout buildings along the perimeter.  They were tucked in the building right behind Jason's Deli.

I arrived around 10:45 AM (they open at 10:00 AM).  There was one other customer inside.  The store is spacious due to the layout.  The siting/knitting area is LARGE!  I love the way that they combined slate and wood with contemporary glass fixtures.  The yarns are displayed in a manner that makes it easy to access them and the assortment was wonderful.  I made a quick pass through the entire store to get my bearings and then started back at the front.  There were old favorites and a lot of new surprises.  Only one of the owners was in.  Jenn was charming and very laid back.  She told us stories of living overseas in a climate where you could actually enjoy Aran sweaters and real wool.  She also told us about some original hand-knits her mother had made that she recently uncovered and of a cardigan that she still can wear (at home only).  She also told us of items that she has made for her grand daughters.

I continued my exploration and I found this yummy yarn.  I am supposedly on a yarn diet while I am trying to whittle away my stash.  As much as I tried I could not avoid this one.  I know my fellow knitters will understand when I say that the feel of the yarn would not let me put it down.  Not having a pattern in mind, I only purchased two skeins of color 18 (Coral).  Not a color I would normally choose for myself but I couldn't resist.  Early yesterday I while trying to open my eyes and drink my first cup of coffee, I found this pattern on Ravelry.  So what did I do?  Since it was before 7:00 AM CST, I quickly sent Jenn a PM and asked if she still had two more skeins in the color and dye lot I had purchased.  I asked her to email, PM or call me.  Lo and behold I got a response later that morning telling me that she had put the requested skeins in back and they would be waiting for me to swing by for them.  Customer service that rocks!

I will get by there as soon as possible, due to the fact that I have already swatched and will be casting on as soon as I finish Megan's Calais and her BMG's Footies.  This will be for me and I want to wear it this summer!  I may even plan going when I can sit and knit there for a while.  Not that I can't or don't enjoy knitting at home with SF nearby.  Some times you just need to be with fellow knitters (or hookers as the case may be).

So, my LYS review and temptation all rolled into one spontaneous trip....

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