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Monday, June 28, 2010


Well, it is indeed Monday.  We have had a good dousing of rain this morning and it has managed to stay overcast most of the remainder of the day.  Good news for the energy bills and the water bills.  We are still keeping a close eye on Tropical Storm Alex and are hoping that he decides to stay far away from out part of the Gulf so that the oil spill cleanup can continue.

This weekend I was craving a hamburger and a good beer.  Well, SF is not one to turn down a good beer so we decided that we should go to the HEB and peruse their vast selection and get something for each of us.  We also decided to get some chips and salsa, as we were out and it is great for watching TV.  We also agreed that burgers from Whataburger were the best choice.  We could both get the burgers we wanted without any delay and could get home to watch TV.

Beer was a harder decision than either of us had expected.  I immediately saw Left Hand Milk Stout....I wanted that!  SF was pondering and looking.  It was taking her longer than I thought it would.  She really prefers wheat beers, so I was sure she would be ready before I was.  Fooled again!  What happened next was funny.  I am not one that likes confrontation, so I asked what she wanted to see if we could meet in the middle.  Much to my surprise, so showed me a sampler pack from Michelob that had four beer types.  I looked them over and three of the four sounded great to me.  I knew that the Shock Top was what she was after.  The sampler pack contained three each of the following: Shock Top, Hop Hound, Ginger Wheat and DunkelWeisse.  Well, I knew that I liked the DunkelWeisse and after reading the Hop Hound I was confident that I would like it as well.  The Ginger Wheat sounded interesting enough so we both agreed that we should try the sampler pack.

We got home with the hamburgers and the groceries.  We popped the burgers into the microwave to stay warm and put two of each beer into the freezer to get really cold.  We put the rest of the groceries away, got the chips and salsa into bowls and got the burgers out and finished.  We both added a few things from the fridge.  We also opened jars of pickled okra.  SF had picked spicy and I have, of course, chosen mild.  We made the burgers ancient history rather quickly and snacked on the okra.  Once we were done with that, we agreed that it was beer time.  In the spirit of a sampler, I got two beer coozies that covered the entire bottle.  I opened both of them and secured them in their coozies.  It was a total surprise to SF.  I had chosen to give her the Ginger Wheat first due to the pairing sheet that said that it could cool down heat such as wasabi.  I had a DunkelWeisse first.  She was very pleased with her first selection.  It was her turn next, so she got herself a Hop Hound and got me a Ginger Wheat.  It was better than I had even guessed.  Our third ones were Hop Hound for me and Shock Top for her.  We both agreed that we needed to get another one of these packs, as there was something for both of us and that is always a bonus!

Okay, enough with that.  I have also been knitting.  This weekend I finished the Sugar Rush Tank.  This yarn is SO yummy!  I have been looking at my Ravelry queue and my stash of patterns to see what else calls to me to be made from it as well.  I took this picture before I had the straps sewed on, as I had to enlist SF to help me place them.  I wanted to be able to wear a bra with it, so placement was key.  I'll post pictures of it finished and perhaps one of me modeling it as well later this week.

I also finished the Ballerina Wrap for Zoe.  It was blocked heavily prior to assembly, as suggested by the Yarn Harlot herself.  I was glad that I did, as it made the seams much easier to match and the finished piece is lovely.  I can't wait to get it to her.

And two shots to leave you with this afternoon.  The one above is the daylily above with the fresh rain upon it.  The one below is Sassy in her overlord pose.

Until tomorrow....

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