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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thoughts on Thursday

First, I want to know how this holiday has escaped me all these years.  According to this article, there are specials in a shop near you.  Check it out and see.  You can bet I will be looking for the closest one and getting in on the fun!

As you may recall, I have been in a purging mode.  It has been good for the body, mind and soul.  Along the way, I have also been looking at all the yarns in my stash that are older than most of my readers.  Seriously folks, I have some yarn that was purchased at Lee Wards when it was in the Memorial City Mall around 1984.  I have it safely in Rubbermaid Roughtotes and the price tags are still on the skeins.  It was a decadent purchase at the time but I know I would never have purchased it today with all the finer quality yarns available in shops and online.  My how things have changed.

That set me to thinking about what these precious yarns may want to become.  I will admit, many are from companies that are no longer even alive today.  I have Unger, Good Shepherd, Nevada and Berger du Nord all carefully preserved.  I have been trolling Ravelry and eBay and I have been amazed at what I have been able to find.  I will be adding at least one new project to the queue as I finish up an existing one.  I have pulled out the old unfinished projects and have divided them into must finish, will finish and must unravel immediately and re-purpose the yarn for another project.  I will still be working with new fibers and I will be culling the Ravelry Queue to see if any of the older yarns are suitable matches for these modern patterns.  It will be a test of creativity and passion.  Just what this clean slate needs.

I have also decided to help Amy with her Warm Up Winchester Project.  I realize that there are most likely groups here in Pearland or in Houston that I could help; however, Amy is a dear friend and I feel that my passions to help should be with her to show her the support that she has shown me.  I will be making baby items at first, as I can take them any place and with motorcycle trips a big part of my weekends, they will be perfect.  I will also attempt hats at some point.  In all my years of knitting, I can honestly say that I have never made one, so I should cross this off my list of never done before.

The rain has continued most of today, which in part has added to this sense of needing to get things done.  I think my mom would say that I am nesting, only I am not pregnant.  That apartment was renovated years ago.... I would say it is part of my zodiac sign wanting to care and nurture.  Either way, I feel good about what I plan to accomplish both for myself and for those in need.

Back to your regularly scheduled program.....


Amy said...

Thank you so much!!! I really do appreciate any and all items that I can get.

You've never made a hat? They are super easy. I'm leaving the link to one of my favorite patterns that is very easy to work.


Lisa said...

Thanks Amy! I love links to new patterns. I will get it into the queue this week.