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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Swim Suits....

So, after the Great Slim Down I realized that the large size swim suits I owned no longer fit and made me look like a twig in a gunny sack (my mother's favorite saving).  My goal had been to get myself into a bikini, like this one.  I probably still could but I don't feel quite toned up enough for all of that middle area to be exposed to sun  and the public just yet....maybe by the end of the summer.

After a discussion with SF, she agreed that while I could "make do" with the suits that were two sizes to big, I would be unable to entertain guests in them or go to any pool parties in them.  Her suggestion.  "Let's head to Macy's for the Memorial Day Sale."  We did and I was quite upset at first.  It seems that the store had arranged the swimsuit area to showcase the itsy bitsy suits and had the ones with more fabric a little tucked away.  SF had her eyes on a rack (focus - rack of suits.....nothing else).  I wandered over and she asked me what I thought of a tankini.

That set me to try and answer her in a quick and concise manner.  I had avoided them in the past because I didn't care for the tops.  Many of them were designed for girls/ladies with firmer tops and middles and I didn't feel that they had enough support or tummy control.  She understood but pointed out that the ones she was looking at seemed to be made for more adult figures and I should possibly just try on a few.  Not having any valid reason to counter with I agreed.  I knew that I wanted something brown (makes my tan look better...or so I like to think).  We quickly selected the bottoms in brown and grabbed the three tops I liked the best.  I was quite pleased with all three tops; however, one was the most flattering.

I came home with this one.  The exact version as seen in the Dillard's on-line store.  For whatever reason, Macy's does not have this version on-line.  It still does not have the tummy control I would have really liked but I can live with that.  It is more about the fact that I like what I see even without the tummy control and without the normal underwire I usually demand.  With SF under the weather most of the long weekend I was only in it for two hours on Sunday and three on Monday.  It is comfortable and I don't feel as self-conscious as I thought that I would.  I'm even considering going back to Macy's to see if there are any more tops that I would consider wearing and getting a second suit.  I may have to go to the Memorial City Mall location of the Sugar Land location, as they are larger stores and might possibly have a bigger selection to choose from.  I saw this version at the Dillard's on-line store and would love it if Macy's happened to carry it as well.

Either way...I'll keep you posted.  Who knows, I may even work myself into that bikini if my self-esteem issues will get the hell out of the way....

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