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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thoughts on Thursday

Well, we have made it to Thursday.  Thankfully, I was able to get caught up on my sleep last night, only to be reminded that game seven is tonight.  Winner take all.  So much for getting a good night's sleep.  We can only hope that it is not a blow out.  And I know that we will both be cheering for the Celtics.

I have been able to get some of the missing mojo back and Megan's BMG's Footies x 2 are almost completely finished.  I think I will be done tonight.  I should be able to knit up until game time and with only about thirty rows left before the Kitchener portion that should be a piece of cake.  The yarn is super soft to work with and I wish I had more in my stash....alas I don't.  Perhaps I can put it on a wish list....

Speaking of wish list, I am participating in a swap aptly called "Pimp My Queue".  I am really excited about this one.  We were challenged to get our Ravelry queue in order and when we were paired up, our spoiler can pick any one of the top ten items.  The limit is $30.00 and the package must include: a pattern from your partner’s Ravelry queue (it can be free or paid for, but just make sure you print it out for them.), enough yarn to complete the project, needles and or crochet hook to make the project (check with your pal about this - everyone has a different gauge), and one other goodie.

I have been stalking my spoilee's queue and I have a few solid ideas.  I have a list started and I will be getting it all gathered up over the next few weeks.  It is fun to learn about new people and their part of the country via these swaps and this one is no exception.  I have a tiny advantage, as I have a mole in the same location as my spoilee...hehe.

I have been back in my cooking mode again.  The dressing from last night was not perfect but close.  I will be perfecting it and will post the recipe next week.  I have been looking at historic cookbooks as well.  I found one from Thomas Jefferson's website that I have ordered.  I can't wait for it to arrive.  He was a progressive man and his gardens were ahead of their time.  I have also book marked a few other cookbooks from the Virginia Historic Society.  I'm in a traditional Southern cooking mode, even though it is not really diet food.  I will be trying to modify the recipes to make them as healthy as possible without compromising their original taste.

Time to wrap up so that I can get out of here and get the stage set for Game 7..... GO CELTICS!

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