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Monday, June 21, 2010


Happy Father's Day to my dad!  This is a picture of him at one of his Motorcycle events.....funny, when we were little he was never near the kitchen...let alone serving the food.  My how times have changed.

Well, this weekend we got our hair done.  SF had her color done and a lot taken off her length.  She has Cherokee Indian blood in her, so her natural hair color is deep black but when the gray starts...well we all know what we do.  Cover it as fast as we can.  Now I can't show you a picture of mine, as I rarely let myself be in photos.  But what I can show you is the picture with the first stage of the growing out process.

Yes, it is Jodie Foster.  MEOW!  I think that we both look pretty damn good to be our newest up coming age.  My layers have finally grown from their original 2.5 inch length to this.  It has taken about eight months to get them all grown out to this stage.  I still have a section that is about two inches behind but that is okay.  I'm not one for traditional bobs, so I will not be keeping this cut for very long.  I was also bored and tired of the color.  I convinced Dawn to color it Black Cherry Cola.  We agreed on this without telling anyone what we were up to.

Fast forward to the shampoo and rinse stage.  I have been going to this salon for over a year and they know that I change cuts faster than a revolving door but not as true with my color.  When I emerged to have it checked out by Dawn, everyone's jaw dropped.  At first I wasn't sure if that was good or bad.  What I can tell you is that I love the results.  It is a complete difference from the medium brown with copper and blond highlights.  The underlying blond and brown gave the overall color a lot of variations as well.  SF loved the change.  I was worried at first, as she had never seen me with my color this dark before.  She loves the way it makes my eyes appear even more blue than they really are.  BONUS!  Added suspense is the fact that she has no idea what Dawn and I are working towards and we like that part.

Just as a tease, this picture is close to what I have in mind.

Today I had a Jury Summons.  I was required to be at the Brazoria County Courthouse and in the correct room on the fourth floor by 8:15 AM.  I arrived there at 8:00 AM and passed through the security check point.  The judge was nice and made the first part amusing.  He called out the names for Group 1, gave then their assignment and  dismissed them.  He repeated the process for Group 2.  That left me in Group 3.  He began to call out our names when one of the elder gentlemen that volunteered fainted.  Luckily there was an ER nurse, two EMTs and a doctor in our Group.  It took the paramedics a little over twenty minutes to get to him but the foursome had him stable it was relatively calm.  He was an amusing man, even with all of this going on.  When the ER nurse asked him if anything hurt, he retorted, "I'm 80 years old, everything hurts...".  Hopefully it is nothing.  He is a diabetic with high blood pressure.  Combine that with our heat (81 degrees at 8:00 AM) and with him in a suit it is no wonder that he didn't pass out earlier.  After the excitement, the Judge finished calling out all of Group 3's names.  Our assignment, report back on Tuesday at 9:30 AM.  WTF!!  We were all given a piece of paper with numbers to call to see if we had been dismissed by the Judge, in the case that the matter was settled or they had already selected a panel of jurors from the first two groups.

Seriously, this is the most archaic set up I have ever seen.  These people need to get into the 21st century PRONTO.  You can't register to vote on-line.  As a matter of fact, there is little that you can actually do on-line.  Bonus, if there is one, I get $10.00 for today and $40.00 for tomorrow.  That should just about cover the tank of gas and the 2 hours drive time.....seriously...I know that I must do my civic duty but this is so very unreasonable.  The County really needs to overhaul this process.  Our County is very sprawling and some people drove even further than I did today.  I felt badly for those that are hourly workers that will now have to miss a second day.  Some will get paid by their employers but others do not.  It just seems like a cluster fxxk either way.

Okay...off to get an adult beverage and dip into the pool to celebrate the first day of summer.  Happy Summer Solstice everyone!

ETA -  I just called the special hot-line and guess what...no changes I must report as directed by the very nice judge this morning.  Can we say that I am beginning to hate the county politicians and will be doing some serious research before the next elections....


Amy said...

Ah, Jury Duty. I've not yet had to serve, but I know the day will come. Luckily I get paid time off if that happens. I still love the idea that we can make a difference in at least one point of the political structure in this country.

LOVE the hair styles! I think that one you chose is going to look great!

Lisa said...

It doesn't hurt they they are both on two of my favorite actresses. Le sigh....