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Monday, June 7, 2010


Yes, it is Monday here again at Chez RubyRingz.  The weekend did not turn out as I had expected but then again, that's life.  I had already spoken of the allergic reaction that SF had been stricken with.  She was self-medicating, as usual.  She was getting visibly worse instead of better.  The drip had rendered her voiceless and the cough was very deep in her chest.

After some heated discussion, she agreed to call the doctor on Thursday to get the next available appointment.  That was Friday at 1:00 PM.  The wonderful doctor prescribed a steroidal pack and an antibiotic in the penicillin family.  She also wrote up a lab request for blood work to be completed when she was all done with the meds.  She will have to fast so that they get the proper readings.  We dropped of the prescriptions to be filled and grabbed some lunch.  After we picked up the meds, we were done for the day.  She came home and took round one and camped on the couch with the remote control.

We watched sports.  The news was filled with the condition of John Wooden.  We watched the NCAA Softball World Series.  You already know that SF is a huge Lady Vols fan, so were were watching and hoping that they would make it all the way this year.  This was still not their year.  They lost Sunday and were eliminated.  Saturday was much like Friday.  We did run a few errands but nothing serious.  We had to get some much needed chemicals for the pool and some groceries.  We did watch the Preakness SF knows I love the Triple Crown).  Sunday we cleaned the pool and added the acid and then after showers watched more sports.

Actually, I sat in the living room with her, getting her what she needed, and knitting.  Friday I worked on Megan's Calais and finished it on Saturday.  Saturday I started her first BMG's Footie and finished it Sunday (all but the Kitchener part).  I also looked over the next projects in the queue and decided on moving some down in priority and adding a few surprises.  After reading The Knitting Doctor and her updates on her finished objects, I decided that is was high time that I put a plan of attack in place and stick to it.  I will be dragging them all out again, keeping my fingers and toes crossed that they will not cause an uproar or insight a riot.  I will then get them in order by what has the least of work needed to be completed to the most work needed.  I will also decide what needs to be frogged and most likely do those first.  All of this will be documented publicly so that I can make myself a lot more accountable.

I will also be adding these projects to Ravelry so that I can get them out of my head and into the correct forum.  Many of them are so old that their patterns will not be any place on the interwebz.  I will make clear notes of them should anyone have any interest in history lessons.  Quite a few of them are really timeless classics that were started as baby items and will be lovingly finished, blocked, and stored until the next wee one can wear them.

I will be foregoing the scheduled trip to the local Panera for the CLACK group meeting as SF has already sent me word that she is feeling poorly still and would like me to have dinner ready so she can go to bed early, as we stayed up until half-time of the Lakers versus Celtics game.  I am SO glad that the Celtics won this one.  Back to Boston!

Back to your regularly scheduled program.....

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