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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

Okay, I should be safely asleep at this late hour, but I am just now sleepy. That will make Monday a LONG day.

Friday was the most amazing night! The Greg Trooper show was awesome, even though he was late starting and took a longer than normal intermission. We left the show at 10:30 PM (ish) and still had plenty of dancing time. S.F. and I met Carla and Kelly at a local place that has "Ladies Night" at their establishment when they are normally a "guys" place. We had SO much fun. I learned the difference between Two-stepping Panhandle style versus Houston style. I must admit that I was a bit stubborn at first and I resisted my lead....however, I acquiesced and to my surprise she was correct with all that she was trying to get me to understand. We were able to get a wonderful sync and the resulting dances were fabulous! I was sad to see the bewitching hour (2:00 AM) roll around. I am looking forward to more dancing time in the near future.

Saturday was a busy day here at Chez RubyRingz. I had house work to get done and errands to run. I had a gift certificate to Yarns 2 Ewe and I headed there to get a few things. I know, I know, I am on a yarn diet. However, I needed special yarn to make Trouble some footies for her upcoming hospital stay. I picked up Panda Silk in color 8006 (Plum Tones) for her. I will be making the BMG's Footies that I have made before (take a look see at the Projects in Ravelry). I am proud to say that I have almost finished the heels on them....

I also picked up a skein of Rowan Cotton Glace in color 814 Shoot to make the same pattern for Munchkin's birthday. I plan on making then a tad taller than the footies, as she likes crew style socks. As soon as I have Trouble's done I will cast on for the birthday pair.

I also picked up a wonderful frame for Zoe and a birthday gift for Sweetpea. His birthday was the 12th and he turned six. He is so sweet. I got him a make your own Kaleidoscope kit. He loved it!

I also bought Zoe's car seat. I did a lot of research and thanks to my dear friends Jo and David, I learned about the LATCH system. Thank goodness that the Dodge Magnum that Trouble and Jack own has the capabilities to utilize this technology. And special thanks to the staff at the Wal-Mart in Meyerland. They "hooked" me up with a sweet sale on the seat due to a clerical error in their system! I also picked up a Diaper Bag that Trouble had requested and no one had purchased for her. I also picked up some Johnson and Johnson baby bath and lotion, and some baby gear. I still need to get Trouble a gown and robe for her stay.

Today was wonderful. A leisurely work out and coffee started the day. I loaded up the vehicle with several totes of clothing, the car seat, the diaper bag, a stroller, and music. I headed up to see Jack and Trouble. After getting around all of the road closures for the Houston Marathon (CONGRATS Melissa), several wrecks, and some disabled cars I made it to them. We spent the day finishing up the nursery and sorting clothes into the proper sizes. Zoe was craving Mexican food so we had deep fried avocados.....YUM!

The upcoming week will be full of activity. Monday is the slowest day I will have. Tuesday and Thursday I will be starting my new semester of classes on the way to finishing up the degree. Wednesday I will be headed to see Trouble and Jack to finish up any last minute details we have neglected. Trouble also has her weekly appointment that afternoon, so I will have the latest updates. Friday I will be getting my chores done and homework too. I will be at the Car Show and Supercross on Saturday and then back to Trouble and Jack on Sunday. Of course, all of this will be subject to Zoe's needs and desires, and the continuing training for the 10K which I now know will be February 28th.

Have a great week and I am looking forward to this week's Temptations and updates.


Melanie said...

Good lord, I'm a nervous wreck. How do women do this all the time? They act like it's no big deal, popping a fully formed human being out into the world. Tell Zoe to hurry up so I can take a breath.

Anonymous said...

That panda silk is beautiful!

Ah - a girls' night out ... I miss those!