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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thoughts On Thursday

Last night was the first get together of the Houston Heights Hurly Knitters for the new year. We meet at a local coffee shop called Waldo's and it is a wonderful place to gather and knit/crochet. The group is a lively assortment of ages and skill sets.

Finally, for the first time, Jessica was able to join us. She is a sweet young woman that I consider one of my best new friends. She has a wonderful new puppy, Andy, plus two cats. She went to the yarn festival in the fall and brought me back malabrigo sock yarn in colorway 801 Boticelli Red. OMG....I could barely stop petting it.

It is now lying in the center of my table at home looking at me wondering what it will become. I cannot tell you how sweet of a gesture that was and how much it meant to me. I need to find a pattern that will show off this yummy sock yarn goodness to the fullest potential!

I also have to tell you that the gathering was wonderful. We laughed and got caught up from the Holidays. We shared what we were working on and I brought one of the baby sweaters I made for Zoe. Some how, knitting from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM with this wonderful group of women is just the boost I need to keep my sanity! I really look forward to the get together and miss them dearly when I cannot make them. If you have not found a little group to meet with, you should consider doing so, it will be good for the soul!

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Jessica said...

You are quite welcome for the yarn, as I said, it is a thank you gift from me and Andy for calmly handling the "cat scratching puppy's eye" crisis late one Saturday evening.

PS try the malabrigo group on ravelry, they always have great pattern (and pictures)