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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thoughts on Thursday

Wow...what a day we had so far! The plane that crash landed in the Hudson River! I would fly on any flight with the pilot of that plane any day! He was no less than amazing and no lives were lost (at the last news report I saw).

Last night S.F. and I met and had Munchkin join us to listen to Patrice Pike and have beer and dinner. It is a pub after all. We had a lot of fun and I think that Munchkin liked the whole night. At least she claims to have enjoyed herself. She also admits that she was really nervous at first to be herself around S.F. because she had been such a snot at Trouble's birthday. All was forgotten quickly and they were a riot. Down to how they eat peas the same exact way. Damn spooky in my opinion....The night was too short, as all school night "dates" are, but we had a lot of fun and I hope that S.F. and the girls become close as time goes on.

S.F. and I are going to see Greg Trooper Friday and then Country Western Dancing after the show. I have not been able to locate a suitable dress yet, but I did find a cute Henley style sweater ($9.88) in a wonderful Lipstick Red! MEOW! I also grabbed a size 12 Wranglers today at lunch. They are the dark indigo wash and are the correct length for the boots. I am psyched! The trainer even said I can skip my workout Saturday if we dance enough! I think she has a date and doesn't want to get up early either but I just agreed with her! Bonus! S.F. has tomorrow off, so she should be totally rested for a night out with Chuck and Jana and then with Carla and Kelley!

Trouble called too! She had her weekly appointment with the OB/GYN. She is right on target at 37 weeks! She also had her first really strong Braxton-Hicks contraction this afternoon. I am hoping that she can hold off until the 22nd. Why? Well, Trouble was born on Emma's birthday (My Great-Grandmother) and they are 100 years apart within five minutes of their time of birth. The 22nd is Mary's birthday. Mary is Emma's daughter (My Grandmother and my Father's Mother). It would be cool if Zoe could share Mary's birthday. Regardless, I don't think Zoe will wait until the 9th of February....

Plans for Valentine's Day? Who has some? S.F. and I will be having dinner with Munchkin since it will be her 23rd birthday. We are looking forward to it. I have a few gifts in mind, but I need to verify the list again with her. As for me? I have no clue! I do not plan celebrations on Valentine's Day so that Munchkin has her birthday without any competition. Suggestions for a new tradition? I would love to hear yours!

I need to thank Adam for dinner on Tuesday. He was a gracious "victim" for a test meal from the crock pot. I also need to thank Jessica for dinner tonight. She too was a welcome dinner guest. We shared wine, dinner, and wonderful conversation. It seems that she and I need to introduce The Boyfriend to S.F., as they seem very much cut from the same mold.

Okay, off to sleep, so that I can be ready for the date tomorrow and all that goes with that!

Side note - Happy Birthday to Aunt Jane (7th), Uncle Joe (7th), Leah (8th), Pat (13th), LLG (17th), Aunt Sissie (19th), and Grandma Mary (22nd).

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Leah said...

The plane crash was incredible--what a story of triumph! The helicopters were swirling over our house all that day, and we watched it on t.v. What a pilot, what a rescue!

Re: Valentine's Day--it's always been a family celebration for me. When I was little, we had a "Valentine Mail Box" (a decorated shoebox) set up the week before the 14th, and we would all fill it with valentine's for each other. On the 14th, we'd open it and look at the contents. So, anyway, that's what we do here at Chez Weatherinthestreets now too!