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Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Post of 2009

First, Happy New Year to everyone!

I hope that your New Years Eve was safe and that today was peaceful. I spent today taking down the Christmas tree and decorations and getting the apartment back in order.

I also hope that you all received gifts for Christmas that you wanted or needed. In addition to the one gift from SF that I posted, I received some wonderful presents. SF also gave me a long-sleeved tee shirt that I have been lusting for. Munchkin gave me a wonderful digital picture frame, a calendar that she personally made with pictures for me, and some storage containers that I needed for lunches. Trouble and Jack gave me a wonderful cast iron #10 skillet and a cast iron cornbread pan. They also gave me a wonderful piece of the pottery that I collect. I will have to take pictures and post it later.

I have been working on new traditions, and this Holiday season was very new. Christmas Eve was the first time that I opened presents with someone and I liked it very much. It was intimate and special. Christmas Day was the first time I ever went to the movies after dinner. We saw Benjamin Button. I loved the movie and the company was hard to beat. Dancing by the pool after the movie was also a special treat.

I also helped Munchkin get herself her first new car. She purchased a Chevy Cobalt. It is Silver Moss Green and she loves it. I was so pleased that she worked with the salesman and the finance staff to stick to a payment that she knew she could handle. She is not totally grown up yet, but she is getting there.

As for me, the new year has the promise of more new traditions and growth. I will be starting college soon to finally finish my degree. I am looking forward to adding that to my list of accomplishments, even though I find it absurd to have to get the piece of paper to prove I have a brain that works. No matter, I will forge ahead. I made a vow to myself and I need to keep it.

Resolutions, yes I have a few. I will post them later this weekend. For now, Happy Birthday to Melanie! And Happy New Year to everyone!

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