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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Temptations

I made it home from school in record time tonight. The weather sucks tonight and is scheduled to get worse as the night wears on.

Baby Zoe is still keeping us all waiting. Trouble is fine and has been resting all day. S.F. has her money on Sunday the 1st, smack dab in the middle of the Super Bowl. OY, I hope she is wrong!

This might be a weird post of temptations.....kind of an eclectic gathering of things that have been flooding my mind. Rambling in a sort of fashion....

Erin, my marketing guru, had some cupcakes delivered from Crave Cupcakes. OMG - I think that one of their cupcakes is as close to sex as you can get and be eating dessert. I am going to get Trouble some when she delivers Zoe. I may even get Munchkin some for her birthday.....who knows, I may have to get one to share with S.F., if she behaves herself....

I am old and have eaten and slept, so I may have posted this before. I want to take a plain tray, stain it with a wonderful espresso color, and cover it with wine bottle labels that I like. This article tells me how to safely remove then so I can use them. I think it will be fun to find wines with amazing labels and use them, as well as labels from bottles that have sentimental reasons attached.

I've been thinking that all of the exercise and training that I have endured might call for an updated look. Something that help "show off" the new toned legs and curves. I like this, this, this, this, this, and this. Since I have dropped almost three full sizes since June 2008, I might as well go a little glam.

I was also thinking that I needed to update the suits as well. I might need this, this, this, this or this. Suits can be challenging, so I will continue to search. Blouses and shirts will be an issue as well, but I have not even considered them yet. Find the suit and the shirt/top will find the suit.

Of course with new clothes comes new shoes. After all, they add the attitude! I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them in the store. And this one is so classic, how could I resist? I'm not sure where I would wear these yet, but I love them. My daughters will kill me, but I want these or these for shorts, because I can wear them when a sandal is just not enough and tennis shoes aren't cute enough. And every new wardrobe needs slingbacks and these are made by my favorite!

Who can forget about purses.....I think I might need this or this for weekends. I love this one for work too. And this one screams evenings out for concerts.

And blame this on S.F., I am now looking to add watches plural to my wardrobe. I like this, this, this, and this.

Enough rambling for the night. I am still trying to find that new look that is some where between alluring, classic, and sassy. Hard to pull together, but I will continue the pursuit...

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Melanie said...

Great. Now I want cupcakes. I see from the menu that nationwide delivery is available, so that might have to be my Valentine's Day present to myself and the office.

And you should totally make that tray. A friend of mine at work did that and it turned out really cute. She decoupaged the whole thing, though, instead of painting/finishing part of it.