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Sunday, January 25, 2009

How did the week disappear?

Wow, I look up and it is Wednesday and when I look up again it is Sunday night. Running so hard that I forget to look up is not good....Some good things did transpire this week. I finally got to see both professors and get the syllabus for each class. I also am glad that the second one can be done via the web portal. That will get me home at a safe hour and I can work at my own pace, as long as I meet the deadlines....duh!

Friday was fun with the Posse! I was on baby countdown and needed a little break. I really liked the music this time and the hat that I had to learn about was worth the White Russian too.

S.F. has been sick, so I was not sure that we would have the outings we had planned but she went to the doctor and got medication. She was feeling well enough to venture out Saturday. We started with the Houston Auto Show.

We got to see the new Camaro up close. Oh man....she is hot! We also got to see the new Equinox. While I may not ever need seating for five passengers....it is a very stylish alternative to a mini-van. While I have never aspired to own a Cadillac, the XLR Roadster was quite a classic. She is certainly a beautiful car and no picture can do her the justice that seeing and sitting in her can.

The Toyota Venza was one of the biggest surprises. She was a clean marriage of car and SUV and she can tow up to 2500 pounds. The Toyota Tundra Crew Max was the finest truck I have ever sat in I think. The one at the show had the Lucchese Boot Company Package. Being here in Texas, I can't think of a more perfect marriage.....MEOW!

Of course we saw the Dodge Challenger. Having already been on a very through test drive of it with S.F. we were pleased to see her out in full force. They had one of each level and they were all a hit! She is one very sexy lady and delivers when asked to preform! But the Demon was a heart stopper for me. She was the ultimate two-seater....I could say a few other things but I would blush...I hope she makes it out of concept and into reality!

I cannot forget to mention the Chrysler Sebring convertible. I have loved this car from the very first day I test drove one at a Jeep 101 event. She is still as hot as ever. And the hard-top retractable roof option is very sexy!

We also looked at the Jeep Liberty Limited 4x2 and the Wrangler Unlimited Sahara 4x2. I have to admit that the Liberty has undergone a lot of changes since her first introduction. I was very impressed that she is best in class and can tow 5000 pounds.

Rounding out of tour were some fine convertibles. We loved the lines of Saturn Sky. We both hope that Saturn does not die as GM re-aligns itself. Her sister, the Pontiac Solstice is also very attractive, but I prefer the Sky. The Pontiac G6 Convertible was an acceptable choice as well.

The Infinity G Convertible was one of the hottest new cars on exhibit. I'm not much for Infinity; however, she was very attractive. S.F. has a jones for their sports car and I must admit it was a pretty sexy car to sit in. I don't think I would ever want to drive it...it has too much horsepower for me....

In that same vein, she also has the total jones for the Nissan 370Z. We saw them at the dealership a few weeks ago and sat in one. Man oh man...I know why men loose their minds and women want to meet the drivers....it oozes sex appeal.

The final car that she wanted me to see was the Mercedes-Benz SLK350. The German's certainly know how to build a quality driving machine and this one is no exception. She is the grand dame of sports coupes and I would love to be able to own her one day. She made all of the others pale in comparison and I was bitten by the MB bug. Some Day.....

There is more to tell, but if I don't get some sleep I will never be able to start the work week....

Baby Zoe is still holding out but Trouble is getting very cranky and ready to pop....

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