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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Temptations

What a week this has been already and it is only Tuesday! I can't believe some of it yet myself, but as soon as it sinks in I promise to share!

I forgot to tell you all that I had a wonderful dinner with Trouble, Melinda Sue, Baltrip, and Special Friend on Saturday. We ate at a Mexican place and we had so much fun. It was really good to see Trouble so happy and visit and catch up with Baltrip. Special Friend really enjoyed meeting Baltrip and Melinda Sue and especially had a wonderful time getting to know Trouble a little better.

Okay now for the Temptations....I have been searching high and low for dresses that match the ones that Sandra Bullock wore in Hope Floats. I have not been very successful so far. I know that I have posted about this movie before, but it is so romantic and I can say that I have been to Smithville and would love to go there again. I would love to think that if I ever wanted a romantic getaway for an anniversary that we could stay here. Any how....what I want is a cotton dress similar to the one that is worn in the dance scene. It is impossible to find one at the moment and with the Rodeo coming in March, I would like to get this finished....

I found this, but it is not really Western....I know that this would be fun. I also realize that I might have to make a dress, so I love this or this. So, I guess I will need to get the sewing machine tuned up and get myself ready to make something unless you all have some links for me. Be creative! I am looking for a new image! Button up with some sophistication!

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