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Sunday, January 11, 2009

"These boots are made for walkin'...."

Actually, these boots are made for dancing, and they are now mine. No, I did not get them from the site I linked and I did not pay that much either. Special Friend and I just happened to be shopping for jeans and I saw them. And speaking of jeans, I am SO proud of myself!

S.F. was teasing with me about my jeans being too big, so I agreed to try on some. I am proud to say that I bought these yesterday in a size 13 regular. For those of you that do not understand cowboy jeans, they should scrunch up a bit a the bottom, so you get them just a tad longer than usual. What was most impressive to me was that I was actually much smaller than I expected to be. The 13's are juniors. I need about 5 more pounds and I could get the misses size 12 on. Hopefully in two more weeks I'll be there and then I might have to have these or these. Look out dance floors....I feel a lot more two-stepping about to come your way.

It is amazing what running, diet, and a change in perspective can do for your image!

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Dharma said...

You and I are close to the same size, however I am certainly shorter than you! My size 12s are a bit snug these days, well I think they are Her Geekyness has been wearing them. Some size 12s will probably fit you, though they may not be jeans!