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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yes, I have finished a knitting project!

Sunday night and I am proud to say that I have finished the blocking and weaving of Zoe's first sweater. It is the cutest thing to knit up items for newborns. It should float past in the flicker stream. The pattern is a bit wonky, but I made excellent notes, as I plan on making a few of these to keep on hand for baby gifts. It supposedly takes five hours, but I think that it actually took me eight due to the flaws in the pattern.

Special thanks to all my Posse for the compliments on the new haircut. They were all a little worried because their only mental images were with the blond highlights and length. Almost all of them agree that the Sass is back! I ran two miles this morning and it was out of my way. I need to be able to run three by the end of this week, so I will be keeping my fingers crossed that we have no rain in the morning forecast.

I will be casting on for the next baby Zoe sweater tomorrow. I still have to get some more goodies, but I am so excited for the opportunity to pass on items that I know are unique and functional. Knitters have the gift of providing both a special gift and passing on a centuries old craft and tradition. I am forever grateful to my Aunt for showing me the craft and insisting that I learn.

I am also remiss in wishing a few people Happy Birthday. The following people have already celebrated theirs: Vicki, Ramey, and The Feminist Mafia. Barbara will be celebrating this week and a Happy Retirement to her as well!

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