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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday, already?!

Wow, this weekend flew by! I did a lot of things this weekend, but none more important than deciding to get serious about training to run a 5K event by the end of March 2009 and a 10K even by my birthday.

Today, I researched places around town that are running clubs and have training facilities and runners resources. I found an excellent source for shoes, diet, and conditioning. The next six weeks I will be on the treadmill and the stationary bike to get my cardio training back up to snuff. I am psyched! I ran track in high school and I was quite good. I ran what was the 440 yard dash. Yes, in the old days, that was one full lap around the track at a full-bore sprint. My best time was 51 seconds. I came in fifth in the State Track Meet my senior year. So running is in my blood.

I also visited my favorite jeweler. He had a necklace that I needed to be repaired ready for me to pick up. We discussed black diamonds and black opals for Trouble. She and Jack want their wedding bands to have one or both of the the stones in them. She has sketches, naturally, that she will bring for him to look at. I also asked him about getting a pair of Amethyst earrings for baby Zoe. As the Big Mama, I can do that. And besides, I think that all women/girls deserve at least one piece of jewelry in their given birthstone.

Also, upon the advice of my counselor, I discussed some options for converting some of the pieces I have from S.W.C.B.N. into other items. I can only handle one thing at a time because of the emotions attached to some of them. The good thing about the jeweler, he is a wonderful young man that listens and takes all the time I need. He makes excellent suggestions and offers solutions that are reasonable and affordable. Evolution is truly a tricky beast at times and jewelry is the hardest part. I am a true jewelers dream and a partners nightmare. I love good pieces and that has a price at times. I will keep you posted....I will even show before and after pictures so you can see why I love my jeweler so very much.

Also, one last thing....I checked out two cookbooks last week from the library. I am in love with the Mediterranean one. So much so, that I am searching Amazon to find myself a copy to purchase. There are at least twenty recipes that I want to try and I haven't even made it to the main course chapter.....I'll keep you posted. The cooking class was postponed due to Ike, but we are trying to do it between Thanksgiving and Christmas.....I am SO excited!

Okay gang, off to bed so that I can get myself up and ready for the week....should be a doozie of a week. I have work, a dinner/music engagement, dinner with the Posse, a possible second dinner engagement, and then Friday night with the Posse at a favorite hangout. Somewhere in all that I also want to get my hair cut on the short side and colored...possibly red/reddish. AND, Quantum of Solace comes out on the 14th.....I am so excited....I LOVE Bond movies and he gets the coolest technology and of course the best sex scenes.....

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Knittymuggins said...

Good for you about the running!! We will have to cheer each other on because I am considering training for a half-marathon next year while hubby trains for his next round of marathons. Don't know if I can hack it with my crappy knees, but I will never find out if I don't try. Keep us posted on your progress & I'll be cheering for you!

Can't wait to see what you and your jeweler come up with. It must be hard to be moving on with some things, but I'm glad that you are finding a way to do so :)

Get some rest!! You and me both are waiting with baited breath for Quantum of Solace.....