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Monday, November 10, 2008

Best Swap Ever!

Okay, first , before I get hate mail from all my other swaps buddies...this is the first one since I have been away from S.W.C.B.N. and I am so excited.

If you have a Revelry sign-in, click this link for details. For you non-knitters and anyone else that doesn't have a clue what Ravelry is or an account. This is what I am talking about:

Oh my, I have been a very naughty KG this year and I think most of you girls have too! So since I’ve been so bad I doubt Santa will be visiting me this year except for maybe a little KG booty. I thought we need to make sure we bad girls get something too! Why do all the good girls get all the presents? So time to show your naughty side. This is to be fun, bad, naughty and silly!

The naughty package should include
  • Something naughty
  • Something knit related (doesn’t have to be knitted)
  • Something tasty
  • And/or KG wild card or just anything you want to send.
There is a $30 limit(not including shipping). All packages should be sent out prior to December 10th. Anyone that thinks they won’t be able to make it please let one of the mods know so we can get a Naughty Swap Angel.

Sign-ups are starting today and will end in a week or so… I know I’m so great about deadlines but it all depends on the amount of girls. Once we get the names the mods will be emailing everyone their partners

So start thinking… we want you girls to have fun and remember photos will be required!!!!

So, this is going to be so much fun! My swap partner is someone that I have been an angel for in another swap, so I hand a little advantage of knowing her already. Bonus, for me, I told her that the sky was the limit and to shoot for the moon, since I have no real ideas as to what I want/need/desire on this one. This will be a true chance to spread my wings and see what some one else thinks fits the requirements as well as some other top secret questions that she has asked. All I can say, anyone that is interested in wooing me may have to consider any and all parts of this swap in their future if I like them that much.... ;-}

Shopping is already so much fun now that I know my partner and her wished/wants/desires.....I'll keep you posted as best as I can without giving anything away....But, if you have sites or ideas, by all means, share.....

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