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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday, but no temptations....

"Let me esplain" (thank you Princess Bride).

I do have a Tuesday Temptation post in draft form, but it is not quite ready because I was on a date. No, I was out late on a school night? I know, I was otherwise preoccupied and this is the first time I have had to get in front of the computer. Yes, that is it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

For those of you wondering about the Full Moon, here is the 2008 schedule. I know, we area already in to November....but better late than never. Why is this schedule important? Because, as a Cancer baby...I am totally out of control during full moons. I have cravings, urges, wants, and needs....all governed by that glowing orb in the night sky. So consider yourself lucky if you do not live near me, or if I am not romantically attached to you....I could possibly suck the life right out of you, or at least make you tired from the exercise.

2008 - Full Moon Schedule
Times are Eastern Standard Time

January 22 / 08:35 - Wolf Moon

February 20 / 22:30 - Snow Moon

March 21 / 14:40 - Worm Moon

April 20 / 06:25 - Rain Moon

May 19 / 22:11 - Flower Moon

June 18 / 13:30 - Strawberry Moon

July 18 / 03:59- Deer Moon

August 16 / 17:16 - Fish Moon

September 15 / 05:13 - Fruit Moon

October 14 / 16:02 - Harvest Moon

November 13 / 01:17 - Hunter's Moon

December 12 / 11:37 - Cold Moon

The last two moons are best described like this:

November ~ Beaver moon
Beaver traps were once set in this month to catch enough beaver to make warm clothing for the upcoming winter. A wonderful time for setting protection and protecting yourself from those 'cold' winds that try to interfere with your personal spiritual evolution.

December ~ Cold moon
The approach of cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere gives this month's full moon its name. Once again a wonderful moon for turning your attention to home, especially ritual space.

Okay, back to the main reason I was out so late on a "school night". Special Friend convinced me to go see Rodney Crowell. I will admit, Special Friend has not led me astray when it comes to listening to good music. It is one thing that we have in common that we like to share with each other. Rodney is a Houston son that has made a name for himself. The links explain him better than I can. Trust me, on that because it is late and I need sleep.

I promise that your regularly scheduled post for today will be posted tomorrow. For now, I need sleep and with the gentle rain outside and the wind chimes lightly singing....I should sleep like a baby...


Leah said...

I LOVE THIS! Thanks so much for posting it! I have a similar but slightly different version posted on my fridge, and have had it for the last 15 or so years. I love to look at it every month. I'm going to copy yours for another take.

Leah said...

Oh and p.s. I ordered a medal for my husband from "Saints for Sinners." It is really beautiful, very NOLA. Thanks!