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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dreams can come true.....

Wow! What an action filled Friday and Saturday!

Friday Fill-Ins:

1. Please feel free to Soar!
2. When I get perfume/cologne on my skin from the one I love I can’t help sniffing occasionally.
3. My favorite thing to cook is food that people enjoy and find comfort in sharing with me.
4. Time with family and friends is something I can’t get enough of.
5. That’s the thing I love most about knitting. The freedom of creation and the joy of sharing with those that appreciate the love and the effort made on their behalf.
6. Driving home on Friday in traffic always makes me think to myself, what the heck?
7. And as for the weekend, Friday I’m looking forward to time with the Posse, Saturday my plans include a host of things that include a hair cut and going to see Quantum of Solace with Special Friend and Sunday, I want to iron, get groceries, start Zoe's second gift from Big Mama, and have Munchkin over for dinner!

What was the first thing you thought when you looked at yourself in the mirror today?

Holy Hell, what time is that haircut?

Do you have a recurring nightmare? If so, explain.

Not really. I'm mostly thankful when I can sleep the whole night without my brain waking me with thoughts for a book plot, a web site design, or a work thought.

List three foods you can’t stand:

  1. Liver and Onions - YUK!
  2. Butter beans, Lima Beans, and Green Peas - Double YUCK!
  3. Green Bell Pepper - TMI if I really told you why.
I did get the new hair cut. If flickr is cooperating, then the new picture should flash by in the stream. Munchkin will be taking "professional" pictures for me and I will post them ASAP. I love it! It needs to grow out a little but the hair dresser had to cut out the old color so that we have clean slate to color upon next week.

Special Friend (S.F. from now on) had to run an errand to pick up a beautiful leather jacket (item C) at the motorcycle shop this afternoon before the movie. While we were there, this (long sleeved red version) was also purchased. I wanted one but they didn't have my size, but they will get it in soon. While S.F. was discussing other K-9 and Big Dog stuff, I took the opportunity to "cruise" the showroom.

I think I have actually found the bike for me. I have been reading a lot about various brands that are built with women riders in mind. All of the sudden this afternoon, it hit me like a bolt of lightening. Victory introduced the first bike on July 4, 1998. How much more of a clue could I need? They introduced their line on my birthday! I was wearing "appropriate" clothing, so I decided to sit on a few while no one was paying any attention to me...., or so I thought. The first one I sat on was the Kingpin Low. She was a sweet gal. From there, I climbed on the Kingpin. She was a little wider and higher. The one I sat on was exactly like the one I linked. I love the Midnight Cherry with White. She was clean and sweet to look at but I think she was a little wider than I was comfortable with. From there, I tried the Vegas Low. The showroom model was in Solid Sunset Red. She was a little taller than the Kingpin Low, but still very comfortable. The red was a little bright for me with a little too much orange in her coloring. Lucky for me that the Midnight Cherry with White is a color option if I want her. The last one I tried was the Vegas. She was by far the biggest one I tried.

After I thought I had gotten away without S.F. and the sales guy noticing, they brought me back to the Kingpin Low. The sales guy had me sit on her again and then in the ultimate test of faith, had me put my feet on the foot pegs while he held up the bike. The first foot was easy, but the second one was a real leap. I was hooked! S.F. thought that Kingpin Low was too short for me, but there is a four inch height difference in our frames and mostly in the legs (inseam). I will admit that it would be hard to have S.F. ride with me as the passenger if I get that model. The sales guy thinks that I can easily get the Vegas or the Vegas Low and be comfortable and safe on either of them. Bonus, S.F. could ride either of them with no challenges.

That degree is getting top priority come hell or high water. I will also be working to pay off the car as quickly as possible so that the payment for the bike can be the focus. I am thinking by next year this time I could easily have one. Giddy with anticipation....

The big thrill for the evening, Quantum of Solace! OMG! I still maintain that Sean Connery is the ultimate James Bond, but Daniel Craig is an excellent modern Bond! His eyes were mesmerizing and his chiseled looks were hot, even to me. The Bond Girl, Olga Kurylenko is HOT! I will not give any of it away, but I can tell you that a white wife-beater just took a whole new role as SEXY! Goodness, hot flashes just thinking about it again. If you can, I highly recommend catching this one at the cinema for the full effect. I may have to go again just to make sure I didn't miss anything....

That's all for tonight....

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Anonymous said...

Wow - did everyone go to see the new Bond movie this weekend? John and I will have to catch it now for sure!

I spent yesterday cleaning the house (I mean serious cleaning!), knitting, and staying out of the rain.

Can't wait to hear more about the bikes!