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Monday, October 29, 2007

Contest Winners!


I hope everyone liked the contest. Before I announce the winners, I will give you the answers.

Question 1 - In my family tree, I am related to a gang from Williamson County in Illinois. What is the name of the gang and who are the brothers?

Answer 1 - The Shelton Gang: Earl, Carl, and Bernie. For more information, this link takes you to Page Six of the Marvel Family History. Look at entry 118 for Orpha Marvel. She married Harvey Henderson Shelton in 1881 and one of her daughters, Tabitha Jane (Jennie) Shelton married Charles Ping in 1909. Charles Ping is my great grand father. And yes, Orpha Marvel is part of the Marvel comic book family.

Question 2 - I have two daughters. What do I call them on my Blog. Bonus points if you know what school each one goes to.

Answer 2 - Munchkin is the youngest daughter. She attends Stephen F. Austin State University and is a Senior this year. She is majoring in Photography with a minor in Psychology. She wants to be a Crime Scene Photographer. Trouble is the oldest daughter. She attends Sam Houston State University and is a Junior this year. She is majoring in business and journalism and is minoring in art history. She wants to be a journalist (TV reporter) or work in an art museum. Several of you knew their names, I am impressed (Megan = Munchkin and Stephanie = Trouble)!

Question 3 - I have an anniversary coming up. What is the year that will be celebrated and what have we already exchanged?

Answer 3 - We will be celebrating our tenth anniversary on November 30th and we have already exchanged rings that I designed.

Okay. The winners were picked by Wifey after a long day of golf and meeting a dog that we will adopting this Thursday. YEAH! I'll post about that later this week. The winners were verified by Sassy and Eraser and got the official cat lick of approval.

Winners are Cynical Knitting Gal and The Knitting Doctor. Ladies, I need you both to email me your addresses so that I can get the winner and the runner up the goodies.

Please feel free to join in the fun. Several people that sent answers asked if they could copy my contest. I wish that I could say that the contest was my sole idea, but , alas, I too copied, so go for it! I want to thank everyone that sent answers. I hope you'll had as much fun as I did. And, just be on the look out. I had so much fun with this that I might have another one after the holidays...., so if you didn't get picked this time....there's always another one.


CynicalGal said...

No way!! I can't believe I won!! I never win anything!!!

Knittymuggins said...

Congratulations on your 100th Post! Sorry I missed it, but what a great milestone :) Hooray!!


Lorette said...

Cool! I'm way behind on posts and didn't see this till today. I sent you an email...