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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday Temptations

Can we guess the theme? Yep. Halloween.
I found the food at various sites all over the web. The candy corn cookies are made with pre-made sugar cookie dough that you color and shape yourself. How easy is that? The small cakes are mini bundt molds that are decorated.....I got the glaze recipes for that for sure. The batter is pumpkin spice. The last cake is just devil's food cakes decorated with orange butter cream icing in orange and black.
The flowers, just some good fall colors. If you're creative, carve a pumpkin or a squash/gourd and use that as a vase.
The last three are from Lion Brand Yarns. You will have to sign in to get them but they are too cute!


Purl said...

Those are so cute and so tempting! I'm putting together some Halloween goodies for a couple of swaps, and these are great ideas!

Miss Me said...

too cute - some ideas for younger son and i for the weekend. we'll be doing some baking for the hallowe'en bake sale at school. (and some tasting, too!)