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Monday, October 15, 2007

Magnificant Monday!

My wonderful friend tangledupinknots posted a wonderful and tempting post today about butternut pancakes. I am not from the north, but I have been subjected to butternut squash for the last ten years and I love it, so I will be making these soon.

Today was crazy at work, but most Monday's can be in a small company. I found time during my day to work on the Haruah scarf. The Cashsoft is so easy to work with and the scarf it a twelve row repeat. I can usually manage to get two full repeats completed for my lunch. I am almost done with one skein, and according to Jeanie, she used two skeins to make her lovely green version, so I must be getting close to half way. I'll post pictures of the WIP tomorrow.

I have also been working on the Buckeye Socks for my father-in-law (Go Ohio State - Number 1 in the BCS Polls!) The Claudia's Handpainted yarn is making a great pattern and the socks are looking good. Men's socks take a little bit longer than I anticipated. I'll also post pictures of this WIP tomorrow.

I have been tempted to add a few things to my queue in Ravelry. I am really tempted by the chevron scarves that everyone seems to be making. I also need to make myself a clapotis. I thought I was the only one left in Houston that hadn't made one but after Saturday I found out that I am not alone.

Also, for those of you that are familiar with Saint Arnold's Beer, I am secretly plotting a knitting takeover of a brewery tour with Lisa and Cindy. If any of you are interested, let me know so that we can plot their demise. Tours are only on Saturday afternoons at 1:00 PM. The cost is $5.00 and you receive a souvenir glass. There is, of course, beer tasting afterwards.

Okay, I'm off to knit and watch Monday Night Football. Do I want the Falcons or the Giants? I don't know either....

Get ready for Tuesday Temptations. In addition to the promised WIP pictures I have a few things that have tried to really pull me away from my primary focus.....

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Purl said...

I can't wait until we go. Maybe you should post something on Ravelry and make it a big event?