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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

WIP Pictures as Promised

This is the Haruha Scarf so far. Light was not good last night due to stormy weather. Hopefully the FO picture will do it justice.

This is a close up of the scarf without any blocking.

This is a picture of the Buckeye Socks and the wonderful book that I am using to make them. I'm not actually using any of her stitches as much as I am using the sock recipe.

This is a close up. I am about mid-way through the heel flap. Hopefully, I will finish the flap and move on to the rest at lunch today.


CynicalGal said...

That scarf is lovely and the color is yum! I will not comment on the Buckeye socks, because the knitting being wonderfully carried out they are still Buckeye socks and ... even though they are doing MUCH better then most (all?)... I am a Michigan fan through and through. Forgive me.

Jess P. said...

I love the sock recipes she has in Sensational Knitted Socks (I've got to assume they're basically the same recipe.) They are so easy to adapt to different sizes!


Miss Me said...

mood lighting or not - that scarf looks luscious. yum.

Ann K. said...

Your scarf is lovely! I actually cast on for the same scarf a few weeks ago in a similar color of Koigu. I'm concerned I won't have enough yardage to make it the length I want, but gonna work it anyhow. ;)