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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I'm on Raverly!

Check it out! I'm on Raverly. My user name is rubyringz....If you're already in, look for me. Give me some time to get up to speed, but I'll be organizing and getting stuff into my site as time permits.


CynicalGal said...

Ravelry, ahh. I'm on there too, but have not had much time to get it together on there. Maybe soon.

Anonymous said...

Ravelry is just too addictive! I have joined a while ago but as I don't have much time I haven't made good use of this amazing site but I keep checking the forum and getting lost in the world of knitting discussions! I will sort myself out once the show and the move is over. I will check you out though, my id name is forbiddenknitter