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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

100th Post Contest

Okay. So, this marks post 101. I promised a contest, and I deliver.

Put your thinking caps on and your research facilities. This contest will have three questions. I will place all winners that get them all correct in a bowl and Wifey will draw the winner. I would let Eraser or Sassy, but they might be partial to cat owners....

Question One: In my family tree, I am related to a gang from Williamson County in Illinois. What is the name of the gang and who are the brothers?

Question Two: I have two daughters. What do I call them on my Blog. Bonus points if you know what school each one goes to.

Question Three: I have an anniversary coming up. What is the year that will be celebrated and what have we already exchanged?

What do you win for getting these right? I'm glad you asked. The winner will receive yarn (wonderful yarn to), some exciting Texas goodies, and a book (to be determined this weekend at the KF book signing at Yarns 2 Ewe).

Good Luck. The contest will run until Sunday (10/28/2007). I will collect all of the names and post a winner on Monday (10/29/2007). Post your answer to the blog or email me at pingecatcomcastdotnet.


CynicalGal said...

Oooh! You changed your headline. NICE.

Megan said...

Can you say slow? I didn't even realize that everything was different and pink until I read cynicalgal's comment!

Lorette said...

Nice new look! I sent you my answers in an email.