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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Scavener Hunt Swap Package - The Swap Stop

I was sufficiently spoiled with this package, the last one for 2010 for The Swap Stop group.  I am already using the cute little bag.  It has SWTC TOFUtsies inside for a pair of socks that I will be starting today.  The magnet is already on the side of the fridge holding important stuff (coupons for food and dry cleaning).  The yarn has been carefully placed into the drawer with all my other wonderful indie sock yarns that are longing to be used; soon my pretties, soon.  The pattern has been added to the pending pattern pile.  Almost as big as my queue in Ravelry....a bit frightening indeed but several may actually be duplicates of the Ravelry queue.  The treats have not been opened yet, but that may not last all week....I feel a moment of weakness coming.


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knitguyla said...

How do you find the time for these things? Too fun!! The bag is too cute and if the yarn doesn't work out for ya, no problem, I'll take it off your hands. Really. ;-)