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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

USS Migration

Just to prove that I am actually making progress on a color work project....

These were taken after I had completed row 23 of Chart One.  I have completed through row 32 now and I am ready to continue in row 32 until the foot is the desired length to start the heel.  I have affectionately started to call them the Valentine's Socks, as the combination of the pinks and white remind me of the colors encountered at Valentine's Day.

My tendency to be a tight knitter has caused me a few issues, one of which is that I had to rip and start over a few times to get the sock to stop puckering.  It still looks like it is but I think that will relax when they get a good Eucalan soak and blocked.


Amy said...

Those look fantastic! I have yet to attempt true color work with socks, but maybe once I see your FO, I won't be too scared anymore. I'm a tight knitter myself.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I love pink and white ... so nice, but what detailed work that is.

Lisa said...

Color work gets a bad rap. The hardest part is getting yourself to relax, so if you area tight knitter like I am, I just go up a needle size.

The pattern is actually really easy and if I wasn't learning so many new techniques all at once I would probably be finished with the first one and racing through the second.