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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Temptations

I thought I would lead this post off with a few pictures.  The first two are of Eraser and Sassy.  For some reason they both slept this way with one paw shielding their faces.  Odd but they are cats, so they do things that we humans do not understand.  The third one is a glimpse of the Red Hot front and back pieces blocking and drying so that I can assemble them at some point today.  The second sleeve is almost done so I can block them for assembly as well.  The fourth one is of some roses that SF gave me on Valentine's Day 2010.  I selected three of the buds from this arrangement and hung them upside down to dry out.  When I am sad, down or frustrated I just need to see them on the side of the bed (retreat room) and they make me remember that it will all be okay.  The fifth and final one is of a Mourning Dove that was sitting on the fence outside the kitchen window last week (Friday the 24th) during a very heavy downpour.

As for the temptation portion...well, I have been culling my recipes and putting them in order so that I can find them faster.  I want to start using the crock pot again and that is what prompted the actions.  Fall equals crock pot cooking to me, so I needed to get ready.  I love coming home to the smell of dinner that is ready.  Crock pot cooking is hearty and most of the food sticks to your ribs.

There will be more later today, I just wanted to get this portion up and off my mind....

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Amy said...

Hooray for blocking! I can't wait to see 'Red Hot' when you get it finished!