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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thoughts on Thursday

Warning in advance...this will have pictures, rants, raves, and general commentary....I'm in that frame of mind.

This golf ball sized thing is my first attempt at hand-spinning.  It was done entirely at Upstairs Studio with Jordan as my teacher.  We drafted, spun and then plied the roving into this wee bit of yarn.  Art yarn at best, as it is all wonky and not really usable at all.  But, I do have the bug a wee little bit.  I have roving (see below) and a loaner spindle.  It is in time out at the moment, as I got frustrated with it while trying to work on the USS Migration and the Topi.

Speaking of the USS Migration socks...they have been a real treat.  That is both sincere and facetious all at the same time.  I love the yarns and I love color work.  The challenge for me seemed to be the pattern.  The designer called for a US Size 1 needle, standard for sock yarns.  I happen to like using a US Size 2 for socks but in the true spirit of sample knitting I went with the designer's specs.  BAD Choice.  The first sock is SO small that I could never get it on, EVER.  I cast on with my favorite needle size and the second version is MUCH better.  It looks large when lying alone but when I slip it on it fits like a glove!  I have already cast on with the pink as the main color to create a reverse of the original.  It will have white as the "design" element.  I have affectionately named these the Valentine's Socks.  The pictures below are all of sock two (US Size 2 Needle).

I am excited to get these to Lizzie, as she has some wonderful yarn for a lace shawl that I will be knitting up for the next sample piece.  I have picked a beautiful color and will post more about that project once I get going on it.  In about two weeks I would guesstimate.

Yarn pron follows....

What are these beauties?  Well, image one is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in CW-520 Caribbean Sea - First Cake for the Caribbean Gable (Green Gable Pattern).  Words cannot describe this blue.  I am instantly calmed when I pick this up.  It has been cast on and I will have progress pictures later.  Image two is Rowan Calmer in SH-487 Refresh - First Cake for the Red Hot.  I had cast on with Calmer before for a Fifi that is hibernating.  It will most likely be ripped and re-started, as I have lost a few inches and pounds and it is a very fitted piece.  The Red Hot is a wonderful v-neck sweater that I decided I needed.  It two has been cast on and progress pictures will come soon.  I hesitated on this one, as it is done in pieces, blocked and then assembled.  I hate seaming but I think I'll be okay.  The third image is Cascade 220 Superwash in 811 Como Blue - One Skein for the Topi.  Yep I am making a hat for myself.  Not a cap that you pull over your head.  A real cap that sits on your head.  I did the required math, cast on and am loving this yarn.  I can see what all the fuss is about and why people love it.  Not to mention that it comes in a gazillion colors.

I am working on all of this, plus hats for preemies, hats for Amy (which I need to get the first batch to her), some holiday gifts and two baby gifts.  All of them seem to scream for my attention so I devote time as equally as possible.  Not easy to do.  I am thankful that SF really does enjoy watching me knit as we sit together on the couch.  It is such a comfort to know that she doesn't mind that I am not the least bit interested in what she watches on TV as long as we can be together.  I am not banished to another room or ridiculed for knitting.

The City of Pearland has decided to finally hold a parade for the Pearland Little League.  It will be held this Saturday.  This is the press release for the event.  I am pleased that the City is hosting this event; however, it is slated to be in a very small part of town and doesn't even go near any of the businesses and places that donated LARGE sums of money and held viewing parties.  I am aware that these are young boys that are trying to get caught up after missing a week of school, but they deserve more.  They have been treated to being on the sidelines at the Rice versus Texas game in Reliant Stadium and the Astros, courtesy of Craig Biggio, will host them when they return to town from their road trip.  It seems sad that the City could not include both halves of Pearland and the businesses that supported them in this event.  They can rest assured that as a voter I have begun to take notice that the West side of Pearland is still the red headed step child and I don't like this attitude one bit.

I am enjoying the sun again after that last tropical drenching that we received.  I love rain but we got enough for a week or so.  We drained the pool a few times to keep up with the levels that we received.  That means that we will be checking the chemicals this weekend and getting them stabilized so that we can enjoy the remained of the swimming season and no have stuff grow.  Funny how algae can "leap" into the pool when the chemicals get a little off kilter.  The joys of owning a pool.  They far outweigh the work in our opinion.  It is so relaxing to sit poolside in the evening and enjoy the sounds of the water and the calm of the evening.  Not to mention the sun worshiping that is so much more fun when a pool is available to cool off in.

I'm still in that dreaded hair growing out phase that happens when you go from short to long.  It is a bit too short to pull back/up but too long to hang.  It makes workouts a real challenge.  The drying part is a pain too.  I have to use a few products to manage it and I HATE product in my hair.  Hopefully when I go next week the hairdresser and I can get to stage three of four.  I have been at the breaking point a few times the last two weeks and have almost cut it back short....almost.  Send mojo to keep me from cutting a year's worth of growth....

Okay, enough for now....there could be another post later today.  It has been lurking in my mind and has been in draft form for a little while...we'll see how I feel about it later, after lunch.....

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Knittymuggins said...

The socks turned out lovely! But of course, I loves me some pink ;) My first handspun looked like that too (from a drop spindle). Well, it still does. I never practice because I get so frustrated :( But I still do want to give it a try again someday. Maybe you'll inspire me!