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Friday, August 20, 2010

Random Thoughts

My dear friend Amy is a wonderful swap mistress and she has been hosting a few swaps that I have been participating in this summer, such as the "Pimp My Queue Swap" and now the "Summer Reading Swap".  I was the wonderful benefactor of the Random Number Generator for the current swap and I could not have been happier when Amy announced that my name had been chosen for her to spoil!

Seriously....I have received a few gifts from Amy in the past and they have all been WONDERFUL!  So when the contents of the last swap arrived yesterday I was giddy with excitement.  We have these wonderful community mailbox locations and there are two large capacity drawers for packages that will fit.  I was very surprised when I opened up the personal slot to see a key within.  Amy had advised that the package would go out either Tuesday or Thursday, so I knew it could be coming but I had no firm indication.  I was on the way to have a late lunch with Megan at The Hobbit so I could not open it until I got home.  Look at the contents!

I will post more details later this weekend....I have a wonderful note from Amy that I will share and you can read about the mitts here.

Amy is Wonderful and I'm sure her husband John agrees!

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Amy said...

You are going to give me a complex, woman! Nah - one of my favorite things in life is to make my friends happy and to spoil them when I can! I'm so glad you liked the package!