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Monday, August 30, 2010


I finished the Clementine Shawlette back on August 20th but I'm just getting around to the pictures.

I received this yarn in a swap WAY back in 2008 and I had intended to make this for Megan's graduation in May 2008 from Stephen F. Austin Statue University (SFASU).  It is the perfect shade of purple and is so very close to the school color.  Life got in the way, a daughter graduated, her father and I learned how to be friends and the current relationship between SWCNLBN and I fell apart.  The yarn sat in my basket of pending project yarns calling to me.  I would gently unwrap the five skeins and tell myself that I needed to get more UFO's done so that I could cast on and make this wonderful pattern.

What a difference a new life can make.  My mojo has been full throttle lately.  SF actually likes it when I am sitting beside her knitting.  The constant click of the needles does something to soothe her as well.  Actually, if I am not knitting she will ask if everything is okay.  Funny, she knows more about me than I do sometimes.  When I stated this project, she was drawn to the charts.  She loves math and she could see the image even though she didn't understand the knitting involved.  She was mesmerized.  It was very amusing.  She patiently waited as I finished the first piece and put it on the stitch holder.  She asked why I did this, as she had not seen me use a stitch holder before.  I paused before I cast on for the second piece and explained it to her.

The pattern was a breeze to work with simple charts and was mindless once you made it to the last four rows of the chart.  These were your repeat rows to get the desired length.  I had read the "challenges" that had been expressed with the Kitchener bind off of the two pieces, so I opted for the three-needle bind off.  I was pleased and she is beautiful.  I have one skein of yarn left and I think I can pull off fingerless mitts.

Unfortunately, the Cathay has been discontinued by Debbie Bliss.  This upsets me greatly, as I have a book that has a beautiful sweater that recommends the same yarn.  I have trolled eBay and found some and I have also contacted an individual on Ravelry who has some.  I even found one on Ravelry who has enough of the same color of Clementine to make the desired sweater.  BONUS!  The color will make a beautiful sweater and depending on what the seller wants, it will be very affordable!

Later I will be posting pictures of the first Dandy that I made.  She is very pretty too and I think I know who will get her as a gift.  Both Dandy Neckerchiefs will be Christmas presents.  Now to make the cowls and hats I want to gift....

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