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Monday, August 30, 2010


Okay, so I am stumped.  No, not really stumped.  I have a color challenge and that is most unnerving for me.  Color is something that I usually have great mastery over.  So, I am asking all those followers, stealth or otherwise, to help me on this.

This wonderful picture is ShiBui Knits Sock Yarn in colorway Roppongi (#4103).  It is a combination of Peony (intense berry), Lily (bright peachy orange) and Mulberry (deep Merlot purple).  My challenge is that I need to find solids from The Loopy Ewe - Solid Series that work with this wonderful yarn.

Now, I could be safe and get the black or white and that would work.  Or I could be totally unoriginal and get the Mulberry and it too would work.  What I want is two colors that will make this colorway sing.  Not like a little nursery rhyme.  I want a big chested jazz singing diva combo.  Some combination that will slap you awake without being gaudy.  I want to say that Malachite and Lake or Malachite and Oyster would be the best combination choices.  What do you think?

I know you have opinions....please share or I'll be forced to ask random strangers for their thoughts....  Come on Miss Ginger.  You have the best fashion sense going...what would you choose?


Martha G said...

You could call LE and ask for some assistance, since they have the yarn and can look. They're really helpful that way! I find it hard to pick colors on line, they always look so different when the yarn finally arrives.

Jen C said...

Bluegrass and blueberry :O) or the lake and malachite or the bluegrass and robins egg

Lucy said...

If you really want contrast you should go with greens and blu-greens.

I think Spring Green & Bluegrass or Spring Green & Silver Sage or Silver Sage & Bluegrass would really do it, but then it might be TOO much contrast.

Amy said...

I'm going to have to agree with Lucy and say that a blue/green would look amazing with this yarn! Something just as eye-catching and vibrant!

BTW - that Clementine is amazing. The purple is beautiful!

Lisa said...

Martha - Excellent Idea if all else fails

Jen and Lucy - WOW! Great color suggestions!

Amy - Thank you on the Clementine! You NEED to make this! And you are right, the purple is simply amazing and I cannot take pictures with my camera that will do it justice. And I have to thank Martha for the yarn. She picked it just for the Clementine!