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Thursday, December 11, 2008

What a week!

Okay, I am seriously behind on my posts. I have no one to blame but myself. I will attempt to catch you up from last week.

Last week we had the Board of Directors visit us and announce our new CEO. Tuesday was the longest day. There was breakfast for them and then hurry to clean that up and get everything set up for their lunch. They stayed until 6:00 PM and then I had to clean up the dishes and food. Wednesday was a blur getting them done and out to the airport. Thursday I don't even remember. Friday was not much better. In all I worked WAY to many hours and I was exhausted. I didn't even have the energy to go out with the Posse like I normally do. I was in bed well before 10:00 PM....

Saturday was a great break! S.F. and I had a full day of fun scheduled. Our first event was to attend the 5A Division 1 High School Football Playoffs. The Pearland Oilers were playing the Hightower Hurricanes. I wish I could say that Pearland won, but Hightower was too big (those boys are TALL) and too strong. Both teams were 11 - 0 going into the game. The final score was 38 to 21. This was our second weekend in a row that we watched them play and I have to admit that it was so much fun. The bands were great and the fans were wonderful. We had tee-shirts to support the team and you would never known that neither of us had a child attending the high school the way we cheered. We are planning to attend the Finals which will be held at Reliant Stadium on December 20th.

After the game ended, we had dinner and headed to Edwards Greenway Palace to see Twilight. For the record, I am not fond of horror movies. I agreed to see this with S.F. because it did not look too bad and we had already seen two movies together that I wanted to see. All is fair so far, right? The movie was really more of a chick flick than I imagined it would be. I liked Robert Pattinson as the lead male love interest. Oddly enough, he was born the same year as Munchkin, so it sounds a bit like a perv comment to find him attractive, but he is quite striking.

From there, we called it a day, as we had been out and about since noon and it was 10:00 PM, and ten hours was a long day.... ;). As I was leaving the cinema, Trouble called and asked me to join her, Jack, Munchkin and several others at The Big Easy. It is a Blues bar that was just a few blocks away from where I was. I was tired but they usually don't ask "mom" to hang out, so I went. John McVey was the featured performer and the show was great. The company was wonderful and I even danced with Bill (one of Trouble's friends). He is a great dancer and I can't remember the last time I danced to swing music. Beer was cheap too. My Guinness was $4.50 a glass and it was draft.

Trouble and Jack spent the night with me and after we all showered and ate, we went shopping. Our first stop was The Magick Cauldron. I am a fairly open-minded person, so this shop was a true experience. I enjoyed meeting the two ladies that own and operate the store, their dogs, and one of their friends that helps out during the holidays. All three ladies were very nice and helpful. I made a catghan (cat afghan) for their friend's aging cat and I will be taking it to her on Sunday. If it is a good size for her, I will also make her other feline babies their own catghans as well so no one is left out. It was fun to meet her and spread the love. I know that Sassy and Eraser are quite spoiled by their catghans, and they both believe that all cats should have one.

Our final destination of the day was a huge antique store. I have always loved this place, and I knew that they had some furniture that I wanted to share with Trouble and Jack to see if it was acceptable for Zoe. The place is so big that we didn't finish and will return this Sunday. At least that was the last plan we had set up.

All in all it was the best possible way to end the weekend and I was quite content when I went to bed.

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