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Friday, December 12, 2008

Tuesday Temptations

I know that these are late...but I have had that kind of week.... ENJOY!

First, I recently acquired this at a GREAT price!

I have added the Moroccan pieces from the original twin size bed I was sleeping in to the canopy rails and the effect remained the same. I need to get a dust ruffle to complete the look. It was really easy for me to assemble and I only broke one finger nail in the whole process. I really like the head board. It has a lower bar to keep the pillows from slipping down behind the mattress and is high enough to support you when you do sit up in bed. The foot board is high enough so you can drape the extra blankets over it and they will not fall to the floor. I'll post a more personal picture when I get the rest of the accessories "installed".

Okay, I have been contemplating a Holiday Party at my place. I was looking at several drinks and I saw this recipe and this recipe. The second one has dual benefits. It makes a great syrup over French Vanilla ice cream to give it a special flair to end a meal. I was also thinking of a punch that could be set out and be self-serve. Any favorites you have would be welcome as suggestions.

As part of a party, you need appetizers. This dip, as well as this one look really delicious. This is more of a spread, but it sounds yummy! While I don't care for spicy things, this snack does sound pretty good as well.

I know that I also need food, but I skipped that part and stated looking at the end of the meal....I found this and almost couldn't concentrate on anything else. I also liked this as a second one to have available. I like this, but I think it may be a better "breakfast bar" than a dessert. I also want to make this I think for Christmas dinner with Trouble, Munchkin, Jack, S.F., and whomever else might attend. I have made one before and it was a huge favorite!

I did see this as a possibility for the main entree meat. I also saw this as a possibility for an entree meat selection. I want the meal to be simple and a little on the non-traditional side since I am wanting to create some new traditions.

One tradition that I will not be forgetting is the Mimosa. This is very similar to what I make every Christmas morning. After our showers and coffee, I mix up a batch, put on the Christmas music and serve my own version of breakfast food. This year, I think I will make breakfast tacos. Or something like a frittata. I like this one a lot.

I am curious. Please tell me what some of your traditions are. Share some of the recipes too if you can....I understand that you might have to kill me if you pass on Great-grandma's super secret ones.... ;)

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Melanie said...

Did you see that Ravelry has a special holiday recipe PDF this week? I know there's a punch recipe in there, but I didn't really look at it. I was distracted by the black-eyed pea recipe. I might try it on New Year's.