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Friday, December 12, 2008

Full Moon Focus

Now I know that many of you will see the full moon tonight and think nothing of it. Perhaps you should read this article first before you make that decision. I also know that this article may be true, but I still maintain that the Full Moon has direct bearing on the Zodiac sign of Cancer.

Cancer, the Cardinal Water Sign, is ruled by the Moon. And all good scientists will tell you that the tides are directly attached to the moon. So, it makes perfect sense that the Full Moon actually does have a huge impact on those born under that sign.

This is the Talisman of the Moon. The Moon is the strongest of the celestial bodies. It is the source of the enigmatic feminine power and the creation of life itself.

All I can say is that I certainly feel the pull of the Moon today and it has been causing quite a few ups and downs. I have been feeling a bit more emotional than normal and I am trying not to make any "crucial" decisions while I feel like this.... And, Tuesday Temptations will get posted today....

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