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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Final Thoughts from the weekend

I should be in bed at the moment, but I wanted to get a few thoughts in my journal and here before I call it a night. All in all I had an amazing weekend. I am quite surprised at all of the things that I feel comfortable doing now that I have allowed myself to be in control.

It has been one full month without the meds and I am doing really well. I have had two small "attacks" but in general, I am calm and upbeat. It feels good to be in control of that part of my life again. That is not to say that I can remain off of them forever, but I am doing fine so far. Training for the 10K has had a very positive impact on my mental state of well being too. Not to mention the obvious physical changes. I am quite pleased with my progress and when I am in a little better physical shape, I will post some of the before and after shots for your viewing "pleasure".

Saturday, S.F. and I spent the entire day together. We met at 9:30 AM and didn't part company until 11:40 PM. We did some errands together and then we headed to the Lone Star Rally in Galveston. It is the largest sanctioned AMA event in the US. It was hard to see Galveston in the state of disarray that was evident in some parts of town. They have done an amazing job but they still have so much more to accomplish. The Rally was amazing. Since I have been going to motorcycle shops and sitting on bikes, I was much more comfortable climbing on those that were available at the Rally. Every type of bike and every type of rider was there. The food was wonderful, the weather was amazing, and the company was stellar. I have added some pictures to my Flickr slide show. Shopping was good too. I got some Christmas presents, so I cannot post about them here. I did get this in blue for an amazing price. S.F. got a shirt to match. We needed them for a party that we have been invited to and Hawaiian attire is the mandatory dress code. I also got this for myself. The owner of the booth is from the same hometown as S.F. and we had a wonderful time talking with he and his daughter. Their products are amazing! S.F thinks that I should get these to match. All kinds of thoughts came to mind with that suggestion and we both had a pretty good chuckle as a result. That made me think I should have this to match as well.

It seems that the open rose (full blown) is my trade-mark. I have a tattoo, a necklace, a pin for my blazers, and now the vest. It will be something that I pay attention to in the future. And, when the situation presents itself, I will make certain that it is one of the patches that I get to have sewn on the vest that I will wear to show my affiliations as a rider.

Sunday was a laid back day. I slept in and got caught up on sleep. I also managed to finish one of the catghans that I was making for a new friend. She has five cats and one of them is older and has some challenges associated with aging. I will post a picture of it later this week and add it to Ravelry. I made the first one this week and delivered it to her. We spent some quality time sharing a bottle of wine and some dinner while we talked about a variety of subjects. I will make the remaining four catghans the next two weeks and get them to her the Saturday after Christmas.

This could be another low post week due to the social calendar. I have tickets with S.F. to see Aaron Neville at the House of Blues on Tuesday, Hurly Heights Knitters at Waldo's on Wednesday, dinner with Alex (Posse) Thursday, dinner with Melissa (Comets) Friday and the High School Division 1 5A playoffs and a White Elephant party to attend with S.F. on Saturday. I have the Temptations post in draft already so that I can add to it and get it posted on time this week.

I hope that your weekends were all that you expected. Special thanks to Amy, as I know she laid wreaths this weekend. Special thoughts, hugs, and prayers for Megan, she needs them.


Anonymous said...

Good for you, doing well without your meds. I wish I could do that ... but I guess I'll just live better through chemistry.

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

And training for a 10K?? Good luck, hon!

Megan said...

Congrats on the 10K - that's great! I LOVE the dress - it's great. And thanks for the added prayers.