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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What? It Can't Be Wednesday Already!

Where did the last four days go? I must say that getting Onyx has forced a few changes in the household that we had not anticipated.

Getting a new dog when you have cats is like a weird form of child proofing. We had to make sure that she knew the boundaries. No dogs in bathrooms was the first one. That has always been a big one for me. I don't really like the cats in there either, but they are harder to train about that. We had to show her where both of her beds were. All of our dogs have always had a bed in the living room and then a bed in our room. She likes the one in our room but she isn't quite sure about the other one just yet. She had to learn that every time that we put on shoes it did not equal a walk for her. I don't think that she likes that one yet either. She does know her two feeding times already and is very good about telling us when she needs to go outside. I took some good shots this weekend and I will post some on Thursday.

For those of you with both cats and dogs, you will understand this one. Yesterday while I was checking email, Onyx was looking out the window. Eraser came wandering in to see me for some whisker and ear rubbing. When she was done with me, dismissed completely, she walked over to the window and plopped down on the floor beside Onyx. She then proceeded to roll over and expose her entire fluffy belly to Onyx. She let her sniff her entire belly and all four of her feet and then they touched noses. She then calmly rolled back over and left the room. It was so sweet. Sassy has been the Alpha cat and the Alpha everything. She makes sure that Onyx gets the what for when ever she feels it is needed. How so very cat-like.

Now, what actually happened to my last four days? Saturday was yard cutting and shutting down the pool for the winter. We also had a wonderful dinner with some friends. For those of you in the south, you will understand that we use our grills year round. We had salmon cooked on cedar planks. It was fab! I'll post the recipe with the next Tuesday Temptations.

Sunday was golf. We have been golfing every Sunday for the last month. Does this mean that we are good golfers? Not really. We just love to golf and Sunday morning on the course is so peaceful. The course is relatively easy and we repeat the same nine holes when we play eighteen. There is a sky diving facility next to the course and they have been jumping each morning as we play. The planes are a bit loud but the chutes are fun to see when you are waiting to hit your next shot.

Monday was day one of us going to the gym and leaving Onyx in the back yard. So far no neighbors have complained and she has not been digging. We get up at 4:15 AM, drink coffee, dress, and leave the house at 4:50 AM to get there when they first open the doors. We work out for an hour and then go home to shower and get ready for work. Wifey showers and dresses and then takes Onyx on a walk. They only other thing we try to do is watch Monday Night Football, but this week the game sucked so we went to bed early.

Tuesday I was remiss about posting my normal Tuesday Temptations, as I was trying to get all my work done early so that I could vote. I was also exhausted since I didn't sleep well Monday night. I hope that everyone voted too. I was harping about it to my staff all day.

Today has been relatively slow at work and I am closing October files and updating the end of year files as people will want to know vacation and sick days that remain so that they can plan accordingly since we don't roll over unused time. I plan on working on the Haruha Scarf this afternoon and the Buckeye Socks at home. I want to get to the heal gusset tonight. I also have to get Trouble her birthday gifts, as we will be celebrating officially this Sunday with her. Warning, be prepared for the baby picture post of her next week with the recount of the day with her.

I also promise actual knitting pictures soon as well. There has been knitting I just haven't taken time to take the pictures.


Amy said...

Congrats on the new dog! I've wanted a dog since I was a kid, but we had cats (which I love) and my Mom is not a dog person.

I understand about the bathroom thing though. It's bad enough that Mavy (our cat) likes to plop down at my feet every time I sit on the toilet! And my Mom and Dad, with their seven cats .... they bought a bigger bed a couple years ago so the cats had more room to sleep with them. They're all spoiled and totally lovable!

CynicalGal said...

Aww, I'm so glad that Onyx is getting a little bit adjusted. I can remember when Gracie came home (she was 7 months old) -- what a crazy time!