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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What I am thankful for

I have been challenged as part of my Sock It To Me Part Deaux to list at least ten things that I am thankful for.. I would challenge each of my readers to do the same.

Thing One - I am thankful for my Wifey She has been my friend, my partner, my love, and my cheerleader for the last ten years. She has been the most perfect person that I could have ever had the chance to meet and to fall in love with.

Things Two and Three - I am thankful for Trouble

and Munchkin . That may seem trite, but I have been blessed with two daughters that are growing up into strong women. They have watched my life and are trying to be strong and make themselves proud of who they become. I am looking forward to them growing up and discovering what life has in store for them.

Things Four, Five, and Six - Sassy My alpha cat who doesn't know that she only weighs 7 pounds on a good day. Eraser My linebacker kitty that protects us from everything. An Onyx The newest member of our family that we are so happy to have adopted. If you have pets you will understand. If not, then I'm not sure I can explain. They are our furry kids and we would be lost without them in our lives.

Thing Seven - My Family This is only part of us. This was taken in San Antonio last year in August when my niece got married. Back row is my brother, his wife, Munchkin, and me. Front row is my sister-in-law, my younger brother, Trouble, and my nephew. I miss my little sister and I don't see my parents as much as I should but I love them all.

Thing Eight - Our Friends Life is so short and friends help you through some of your best times and some of your worst times. Enough Said.

Thing Nine - Wifey's Parents Without them, she would not be who she is today.

Thing Ten - My Internet/Blog Family. I cannot post pictures of each of you, but there are many that I feel I have known a life time. I have learned to share and to communicate in ways I knew existed but never tried. My life has forever been enriched by meeting you and I look forward to a lifetime of memories with each of you as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Amy said...


The use of the word 'wifey' makes me smile, because that is what my dear friends Karen and Corey call each other.