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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Are you guilty of any of these?

Weight loss and fitness have been on my mind alot since July. Thanks to my annual well-woman and nearing 50. I am actually 45, but my body hates me and my lack of hormone production has been such a pain.

I ran across this article today on msn.com. The article maintains that there are five small items that could be causing a hitch in your get-a-long.

1. You're following bad advice.
2. You eat fat-free foods.
3. You (still) don't eat breakfast.
4. You're eating too much sugar.
5. You don't lift weights.

I won't go into great detail on any of the points. Read the article. It is short. I was amazed at the facts presented. I will be checking with Wifey and getting her input, but I welcome any one's opinion, especially Megan......


Anonymous said...

* SIGH * I know I'm doing a couple of those things and I know I'm not doing the healthy thing lately.

Megan said...

:-) I read the article and I have to say, I agree with every single one of those points, especially 2 and 5. Fat-free foods usually have tons of calories and are loaded with sugar, salt or both - there has to be something in there to make it taste good. In addition to taking up less space, muscle increases your metabolism as muscle is active body tissue whereas fat is essentially just an energy reserve, not very metabolicly active.

And um, Lisa, don't you have any WORK to do at work? Do they really pay you to play on the internet all day?