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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Strange Horoscope for my anniversary month.....

Cancer - November

You'll be restless at the beginning of the month and pulled in many directions. Saturday, November 3 will be better for concentration and focusing. The next day spend some time with a loved one and don't be afraid to create a element of surprise. With the Moon in Libra on November 5 and 6, a lot of compromise will be in order with your partner, family, friends or the public. Be spontaneous on November 7 to make the most of sudden opportunities. A New Moon in Scorpio on November 9 will allow you to get closer to a loved one, but only if you are willing to cut through misunderstandings or deception over the next few days. Get ready for hard work and responsibility from November 13 to 15. You may become frustrated by a lack of cooperation, but you can get a lot done on your own this week. Plan carefully and be organized. On Sunday, November 18, take some time to relax and examine your feelings. With Venus in Libra making a difficult aspect to Mars in your sign on November 19, dealings with the opposite sex will be strained. Expressing how you feel will help immensely. This trend will continue for a few days, keeping you on your toes. The Moon in your sign, along with Mars on November 26 and 27 will highlight the need to communicate and cooperate with loved ones. Curb the urge to have your way at all costs.

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