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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday Temptations

Happy Tuesday!

Just because the after-effects of the full moon are still persisting and I'm over emotional, I am linking this so that anyone that is not already singed up to receive emails from Stitch Diva Studios knows about this sale.

In an on-going effort to get myself in some semblance of shape, I now am on a quest for this and this. I think that I can find them at Target or Sun and Ski Sports. If not, I will be forced to buy them online. And I'll also need this, and this, or this so that I look good while I sweat.

Of course, I want this or this, but I bet I can find a pattern to knit that will be more flattering and will be the material that I want. Any ideas pop into anyone's mind? Please share!

While I am lusting over items...I want to get this as soon as possible. I have some of the original issues of the magazine and I still love the patterns. I have one sweater in mind that I am looking for yarn substitutes for, as the yarn called for has been discontinued for a LONG time. The issue is from Fall/Winter 1983.

That's pretty much all she wrote today. I am trying not to venture too far outside my box today. I am working hard on my socks for my SITM pal and they are my own design being made with Brown Sheep Company, Inc Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn in colorSY44. I'll post more about that later this week....and flash a picture of them too. I am working on both socks at the same time on circular needles......impressed? Don't be....

Thanks for taking a second or two from your day to wander this way...


Megan said...

Check out Otis on Knitty.com - is that what you're looking for?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, so you can look good while you sweat. I totally relate!