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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

SITM Swap Package Goodness

OMG - I have been having such a crappy week that when Wifey said I had a package I was almost afraid to see what it could be.

Well, guess what? It was this box of goodness:

I love the box top. It reminds me of a Picasso painting. The book is simply divine. I will have it with me when I start on some of the Nora Gaughan patterns.....(thanks Mafia for recommending that). The tootsie rolls claim to be low fat and one is a serving...I guess that they will be my treat at the end of each week that I can keep weight off. Who ever has enough Eucalan? The stitch markers were nestled in the wonderful box with ice cream treats on it. Aren't they beautiful? And how about that TOFUtsies? If you are a blue fanatic, then you understand how this yarn makes me want to drop everything and see if transform into something decadent.

What a way to make hump day even better. Thank you Secret Swap Buddy! If I could hug you it would be a big Southern kind of hug!


Megan said...

Aren't swaps the best? I love coming home to unexpected packages.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome Lisa. Love, your sock pal