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Monday, July 23, 2007

Wow....does this mean that I have to produce more?

I have been nominated by Miss Me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger.

I am touched and honored. If I understand the way that this works, I am, in turn, supposed to nominate five other women.

Here are my five:

FemiKnitMafia - The Mafia is wonderful! She rocks in so many areas. I love her Favorite Things Monday entries. Her knitting pictures are awe inspiring! She is one of my first stops always for inspiration.

Knitting Troll - I love this blog! Michelle has the biggest heart and I have loved her Friday Five for some time now. Ernie is her "baby" and I just love stories about him. This woman has a writing style that is guaranteed to make you feel something (depends on the post and the reader).

Cynical Knitting Gal - I have just recently added this one to my list, but I love how she pours her heart and soul into the atmosphere for us to see. She's "family" too, so I love to read her stuff for a younger perspective.

Empty Nest Knitter - This is an awesome Texas Lady. She has just recently gotten herself a building and a lease for a LYS in Austin, Texas! I am so stoked. Austin is only about two and a half hours from home. I will have to go and see her place as soon as she announces that it is up and running......

Luciana - This is one of my favorite sites from across the Pond. I am fascinated at her energy (she has three boys and a YS). This is a very talented woman and I always enjoy hearing from her. We share the responsibilities of the UFO KAL and that seems to help me continue to finish UFO's so that I can start new desires. Check out her site!

I have many more that I feel are deserving, but these are my must reads.


Michelle said...

Awww, you are so sweet! Thanks! That made my day and believe me, the way things have been going lately - I needed it!

stacy said...

You ARE awfully sweet and yes, it made my day as well. Can't wait to "talk" in person!

CynicalGal said...

OMG! I am such a space cadet!! Thanks for the nomination. That is awesome. Now, what to do?? I'm still so dern new to blogland that I have not a clue.