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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Really, I do actually knit too.....

I know, as hard as it is to believe with all the other goodness that I post about, but I have been knitting.

I have been working hard to be able to post to the UFO KAL, and this picture is proof that I finished another UFO:

This is the second sock for Wifey. They are Regia (5273) Tundra and I used the RPM pattern from Knitty. I have to locate the first one so that I can wash and block them for her. She is so excited!

I did not have a chance to get pictures of the first knitted objects taken and posted (more on that in a separate rant).

I did finish this using this color. It is soooo soft and I have worn it already. It is currently drying and will have a photo op later Monday. I will make this one again, but I will make some mods. It only took me about ten days to make it but it is too boxy and since it is cotton, it stretched. I will make it a little longer next time, add some really good elastic thread and knit them together and add some shaping along the way to make it more fitted. The yarn is so soft and it is so yummy to wear that I just can't resit.

I've also been working on Fifi for the SKC. The Calmer is great to work with but I had to frog the neck four times before I liked the cast on and the size. I'll try to get pictures up this week on the WIP.

Tired yet?

I am...


Anonymous said...

Whoa! You have been busy. I am dying to make something from the Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton...

The sock is gorgeous, I'm very impressed ... I still have to cast on sock number 2. I know I will, perhaps after the Blue Tomato is done.

Michelle said...

So how was the Blue Sky cotton? Was it splitty?