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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Wow, how did it get to be Wednesday already? The week has flown by so far. I did manage to get some essential items accomplished:

  • oil changed in Caliber
  • car-load of items donated to the Goodwill
  • dresser cleared of clothes I can no longer wear
  • guest/retreat closet clean out under way
  • planting of hybrid lilies in the front yard
Along the way, I did manage to find the local library and get my library card. While I was there, I checked out three books:

  1. The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook
  2. Classic Knits
  3. Twisted Whiskers
I am in love with the recipes in the cookbook! There are already at least 25 that I must make as quickly as possible....good thing that SF loves rice as much as I do. Bonus that I can renew the book two times....that is good for about six full weeks. I am also almost finished with Twisted Whiskers. I have learned a lot of helpful things abouts cats and behaviour modification. Now if I can only make some of them work for us.

The Classic Knits book is a whole different issue. I have been looking for a pattern for a shrug. I wanted something classic but not to lacy. I found the perfect pattern in this book. I am scouring the stash to see if I have the yarn needed to get started. If I don't have the exact yarn, I will have to make a few swatches from what I have to get this one made. I am excited, as I have a lot of sleeveless dresses that all could use a shrug like the one in the book so that I can wear them at work.

I am all jazzed up about Easter! I have a ton of stuff for Zoe. Weather permitting, I plan to get up there Sunday. She loves ducks and I have a stuffed duck for her. I also am knitting a duck washcloth and duck slippers.....pictures to follow....I have a bunch of them to download off the camera and up to Flickr....

Okay...off to get stuff done before the end of the day...Is everyone ready for April Fools?


Leah said...

Oh my goodness, I haven't been by in awhile! I'll have to catch up.

Your list motivated me a little--I'm baching it this week, and had intended to get a lot of chores done, but so far nada!

I look forward to seeing the duck slippers.

Lisa said...

Been away a while myself...but I am getting to be a regular again. 'll be stalking your blogs again and getting caught up with you, Sarge and the kiddo!