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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Temptations

Okay, yes I am on a roll today. I spent last night contemplating life and what all transpired this weekend. I am fine and I broadened my horizons. I must admit that I need to thank my father for encouraging me to always strive to keep learning.

All of this soul-searching got me thinking about my goals for the year. I don't make New Year's Resolutions, but this year I did make some goals. I have managed to pound on some of them already. I have gotten myself on the road to a healthy body by exercise and I love the results. I have gone back to college to finish my degree. I have forced myself to do things that are way outside my comfort zone and lived another day.

I have been culling the closet and getting rid of clothes that no longer fit. Now that also means that I need to replace them. I have been trying to "find" my signature look. I know that I look good in button up blouses, so I keep that in mind. I also know that I look good in dresses that have princess seams, so I keep that in mind.

I saw this at the mall and when I tried it on it was stunning. They didn't have my size, I tried on a large and it was too big.....I may have to order it online to get a medium. It got me to thinking that I needed to revisit dresses for the summer. I love this one as a the little black dress option. I could make a shrug to wear at night or a lovely wrap. And this one looks like a great choice for the cowboy boots and dancing on a Friday night out. I think that I am drawn to black and white this year and this dress stopped me dead in my tracks. I tried in on in a 12 and it was a tad tight but I am oh so close to being in it comfortably. It may be the carrot to get me there for May.

I am still "fleshing" out the new look. The new body has a look that I need to be proud of, so finding a style is slow as I continue to get her in shape. As always, I love ideas, so please share your favorite dresses or websites....

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Leah said...

I really like all these dresses. I tend to go for long dresses and skirts, and my sis is always trying to get me to go shorter--maybe you've inspired me a bit! My all-time favorite place for dresses is anthropologie, but it's a wee bit too expensive for a whole wardrobe...