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Friday, March 20, 2009

Finally Friday

Wow! I can't believe that it has been ten whole days since my last post. Where does the time go? Or, better yet, what have I been doing?

Looking back, this is what I have been doing. Tuesday was all about Toby Keith. The show was AMAZING! We were out very late for a week night and Wednesday we both paid for it. We were so grumpy late in the afternoon and agreed that we needed to go to bed early and get caught up on sleep. Wednesday was the Quarterly Board of Directors Meeting. While I am not a direct participant, I am the chief coordinator of the activities and schedules. That in itself is a stressful event and I was exhausted again when I got home, so after dinner I was in bed early again. Thursday was my mid-term for my Web design class. It was stressful and I was glad to get it turned in to the professor and home at a decent time. I am also proud to report that I received a 98 on the assignment.

Friday was all about the Clint Black concert. The weather was horrid. It was cold and rainy. Needless to say, we did not spend any time outside at the Carnival. We did spend most of the evening enjoying the Rodeo events. The food was fun too. S.F. had her corn dogs with mustard and I had a Texas-sized baked potato loaded with all the fixins. It had sour cream, butter, chives, bacon bits, cheese, and chopped brisket with BBQ sauce. YUM! We both had water with our food and then beer. The concert was wonderful. Hard to believe that Clint is my age. He sang wonderfully and the sound system for his show was much better as well. We were even treated to a duet between his wife, Lisa Hartman, and himself. All in all, a wonderful Friday evening and a perfect week with two dates with S.F. to boot.

Saturday was a sleep in day, and I took full advantage of it. I also took advantage of the dreary weather and cleaned the entire apartment. After finishing the cleaning, I finally got a shower and headed to Huntsville to see Jack, Stephanie and Zoe. They were a sight for sore eyes. Stephanie has lost quite a substantial amount of her baby weight, 20 pounds to be exact. Of course, Zoe was amazing. The slide show at the top of the blog has some of the pictures. There are more, but I have to get them from Megan's camera and then load them to Flickr. Zoe is holding her head up a lot and smiles so much her eyes seem to smile too. I convinced Stephanie and Zoe to come back to my place and they did. Megan came over as well and we had a girls night. We ate, watched movies and shared the baby. To give Stephanie a break, I had Zoe sleep in the room with me. Man, I had forgotten about the every two hours feeding schedule. I remember now why I only had two kids of my own.

Sunday was a low key day as well. The weather was still cold and dreary. We did laundry and ate. Bathing Zoe was the most fun of the morning. She is quite a tadpole and loves water. We loaded up the car, said goodbye to Megan and headed back to Huntsville. Jack had fixed a wonderful dinner and we all enjoyed the time together. When I returned home, Sassy was quite upset with me, as she had decided that Zoe wasn't so bad after all and had spent most of the morning curled up next to her napping. She let me know how upset she was and finally she decided that my lap would have to do in place of Zoe.

Monday started my Spring Break. I was looking forward to a week of relaxing and frivolity. Hah! Mother Nature had other plans. Monday itself was fine. Tuesday about mid-afternoon I began to feel tired. I even fixed a cup of coffee. I never have coffee in the afternoon unless I am having dessert with friends. By the time I had made it home from work I was running a fever and couldn't breathe. Wednesday was a little better but barely. I called the Doctor. She phoned me in a wonderful Z-Pack and told me to take Robitussin DM. I picked up the Z-Pack, ate dinner and took the first pills. I also took a dose of the DM and went to bed. I did not sleep much at all and felt worse on Thursday. Thank goodness my doctor loves me. She worked me in. I have a sinus infection and the beginnings of bronchitis. The Z-Pack should take care of the infections. She also prescribed a cough medicine for me that contains a narcotic. Last night, I ate some soup and then took the cough medicine. WOW! It knocked me on my butt. I slept like a rock and today I must admit that after I coughed a bit of stuff out of my chest, I felt 110% better. My orders for the weekend are to rest, rest, and rest. And no alcohol for ten days.

S.F. has been calling me during the day to check on me for the last three days. Bless her heart, she is worried that I am not taking care of myself. She has also been shopping for plane tickets to Ohio for my parents' anniversary celebration in July. She was so excited when she called yesterday, but I was not able to talk to her about it, so we will need to discuss at some point this weekend when she calls. The only firm thing I have on the agenda is a long overdue haircut Saturday morning at 9:00 AM. Other than that, I plan on sitting out by the pool in the sun and knitting if the weather will cooperate. If not, I will watch the March Madness events on TV and knit.

I was elated to see that Stephen F. Austin State University's Men were in round one of the NCAA March Madness event. They are playing Syracuse and I don't think they will win but I am wearing my SFA shirt just to show my pride. I am glued to the MSN Live Scores and filling in my bracket as each game ends. I will be doing the same for the women starting tomorrow.

I also have to take a minute to wish a few people March Happy Birthday's:

03/13: My Big Sister
03/18: Big Mama
03/20: My Dad and my sister Deborah
03/21: George and Gracie

I also need to explain. Deborah would have been my older sister had she lived. She was born two years before me while my father was in the Navy. She was born premature at a time when we did not have the technology to keep her alive. She is buried in Memphis in a plot beside Emma. Whenever we get to Memphis, I try to go to the Cemetery and clean up the graves and visit. There are times I wish she had been around so that she could have been my mentor. Other times I remember that everything happened for a reason and I should be thankful for everything I have encountered thus far.

This year we also celebrated the 8th anniversary of Megan's dog, Billy, passing from our presence. He passed away on March 4th. I was not able to celebrate with Megan, but normally we have an old fashioned Irish wake for him to remember the good times and what a wonderful dog her was for us.

And finally, I need to thank Megan. She sent me the Pay-It-Forward gift she had been working on. I need to take pictures and get them posted as well. It was such a wonderful treat and I need to get a thank you in the mail to her!

One more piece of eye candy. I love Sean Connery and while I was looking through the magazines that currently come to our facility (part of the Office Management side of the job) I came across this ad:

What I wouldn't give to be the porter for that bag....even tho I don't bat for his team....There is just something appealing about his classic looks. And the location of the picture ain't so bad either.....

Edit done to correct birthday....and yes I did know it was the 13th and not the 16th....typo's and long fingernails can kill a post... :)

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Nominated you for an award, c'mon over and check it out :)

We have George and Gracie, and they have the same birthday too 2/27 ...