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Monday, March 9, 2009

Time Flies....

Where did an entire week go?

Brief Recap: Monday my body was still complaining after the race, so I took it easy both at work and that evening. Tuesday, was the start of the Rodeo Concerts with Rascal Flatts. I did not go, as I had web design assignments for my upcoming mid-term to complete. Wednesday was the 8th anniversary of Billy's death so I had my own little Irish Wake for him. He was a wonderful dog and most certainly will be hard to replace. Thursday was a long work day, as our Sales Staff had an all day meeting followed by dinner. Dinner was held at Tommy's Seafood Steakhouse, and I was also invited. The food was great and the company was wonderful. It was good to be included and recognized for the contributions that I provide the staff. Friday was pizza, beer and packing with Jessica. I will miss her dearly when she moves, but the trip to see her will be worth the LYS tour! Saturday was spent on myself. I did "normal" errands like going to the dry cleaner, getting cat food, groceries, etc. I also had the car washed, as the Black Beauty was DIRTY. I also agreed (some arm twisting did occur) to join the Clapotis KAL. I chose SuiBui Sockyarn. I chose colorway 2501 because I love the blend of the three colors and I think it will go well with a large number of items. I think that the yarn will also work better with the humid Texas weather. Sunday, I went to the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center for a visit with Mother Nature. I walked the Outer Loop Trail and took several pictures. They are in my flicker slide show at the top of the blog. I spent the remainder of the afternoon on the porch soaking up sun in the 80 degree weather while drinking Guinness with Adam. Life doesn't get much better than that.

This week has already gotten off to a busy start. On the docket:
  1. Rodeo Concert on Tuesday with S.F. to see/hear Toby Keith
  2. Board of Director's Meeting on Wednesday
  3. Web Design Mid Term on Thursday
  4. Rodeo Concert on Friday with S.F. to see/hear Clint Black

I'm certain that there is more that can be squeezed in there, but I think that I am busy enough. When I woke up this morning, there were 88 days left on my lease. Hard to believe that I have been out on my own for almost a year. A total of 277 days have passed since I moved into the apartment and set myself on this evolution. Looking back, I was less than certain that I could survive without S.W.C.N.L.B.N., but I have proven to be much more resilient than I ever expected myself to be.

Okay...back to the day at hand....

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Jessica said...

Arm twisting to join the KAL my foot! You jumped at the chance. ;-)