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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thoughts on Thursday

It has been a while since I have been able to post on a Thursday. This one will be short for two reasons.
  1. Memphis plays tonight on the March Madness march to the Elite Eight
  2. I am wanting to be off the computer because of inclement weather
Stephanie and Jack have convinced me to go with them Saturday evening to an event that I have been curious about but never had the time or "permission" to attend. Perhaps I will post about it on Sunday....we'll see how I feel after I attend. What is important about the "date" is that I am in charge of the decision and comfortable with my RSVP.

In addition to the evening festivities, we will be taking Zoe, Sassy, and Eraser to the park to have their respective portraits made in the Bluebonnets. It will be Zoe's first portrait. Sassy and Eraser are old pros, as we have been taking theirs every year as far back as I can remember....

The week has been charged with IT endeavors. I have been trying to locate IT Support Providers that are local. We currently utilize a service that is located in GA, which is where our Corporate Headquarters were once located. I am also trying to locate a reputable web hosting company that will allow me to maintain the Corporate site. I have the Dreamweaver software but our current host (BOL) forces me to utilize CMX Blue (proprietary software) to maintain the site and even with that, I have to pay them to make certain changes that we should be within our control.

S.F. has been working late, and our nightly phone conversations have been short, as I have been exhausted this week from the lingering sinus infection. I can smell and taste food again which indicates that I am feeling better; however, my body still wants/needs sleep. She has been concerned that I have been burning the candle too far at both ends. She really does have my best interests at heart most of the time, even if she is stubborn. She has been checking on plane tickets and has found some that are $119.00 each way....hard to pass up...I suppose I will have to break down and buy them this weekend....

Okay gang, the Memphis game is on and I have knitting to work on while I watch the basketball game....

Have a GREAT Friday!

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(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

Happy Friday, indeed. Look forward to hearing about your event!